Steampunk Jewelry

Gallery of handmade steampunk jewelry creations.

Steampunk Eve of Destruction

by Tricia Phelps. (Portland Maine) This piece was inspired when this song wouldn’t stop running in my head. The 32 watch parts represent the planets colliding on the Eve of Destruction. This comes with earrings and a brooch which represents the Sun.   Tricia Phelps Comments: Collision in the heavens by: Sharon What a creative […]

Steampunk Aviator Necklace

by Violette Noble. (Portland, Oregon) Up for your approval this day a glorious necklace that was created using a rare smaller ladies antique pocket watch movement. The movement has all the gears, wheels and parts visible for that true steampunk feeling! Even the little lever on the tiny timing mechanism still works and can be […]

Steampunk Antique Hardware Neck Adornment

by Violette Noble. (Portland, Oregon) THIS piece is NOT for “The faint of heart”! Do you love STEAMPUNK that’s over the TOP? Well this “to die for” necklace is for you! I’ve taken an antique brass drawer pull that has the most authentic vintage patina you’ve ever seen! I added 2 gorgeous antique metal buttons […]

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