Steampunk Jewelry

Gallery of handmade steampunk jewelry creations.

The Secret

by Joan Williams. (Springfield, Missouri USA) One of my friends saved a handful of small round keyhole plates for me and I discovered they fit perfectly on top of an 18mm bezel, so I decided to try out a ring design. I cut the eye image out of an old lithograph and trimmed it to […]

Tie Clip

by Jim Osment. (Brisbane Australia) This is a tie clip I made for myself. I had been invited to attend the wedding of one of my nephews, which, apart from making me feel very old, made me realize that I didn’t have a cool tie clip.The last time I wore a tie clip, it was […]

Time to Dream – Steampunk Pin

by Joan Williams. (Springfield, Missouri USA) I love to mix old pieces with new components in my designs! A very old handpainted porcelain watch face is the base for this pin, which I layered with a brass Art Nouveau lady charm and some tiny watch gears and flatback crystals. Joan Williams Lilruby – jewelry design […]

Broken SteamPunk Crosses

by David Allen Giles. (King, North Carolina USA) I love SteamPunk.The look of it it’s so bold and rugged but beautiful. I took apart an old watch I had one day to use the face but I broke it. It was made of carbon fiber so I didn’t won’t to throw it away. So I […]

Massive Steampunk Festival: I’m in!!…uh oh…I’m In.

by Roz Asquith. (Townsville, North Queensland, Australia) I love Rena’s books and the one about market stalls is my absolute bible (modified for Australia though!!) I am freaking out – I put a submission to be a stallholder at the very first Australia Steampunk Festival. This was 3 months ago or so. I have received […]

Woodcraft and Watch Parts

by Kathryn Adams. (Fandragon) Years ago, I bought a handful of watch parts at the local flea market, with no idea what to do with them. I just thought they were cool. Later, I stumbled across instructions on how to make candle holders out of different colored layers of wood. How neat, I thought, I […]

Airship Pilot Wings

by Melissa Harris. (Lake Worth, FL) I got inspired to make this by looking at the designs of other steampunk inspired jewelry. I found that the pilot wings are a fun and variable creation. There is no limit to what design you can make with them. Melissa Harris Comments: Airship Pilot Wings by: Rena Cool […]

Airship Princess

by Kaitlin Brown. (Georgia, USA) This piece was made using several spare bits of jewelry and beads, some decades old and some brand new. I didn’t want to do the typical gears and cogs bit for this particular necklace, so I focused on the use of found objects, the crystals and pearls of the Victorian […]

Steampunk Propeller Pendant

by Lisa Barge. (San Antonio, Texas) A few years ago I was surfing the web to find different styles that would inspire me and discovered steampunk. I always loved mixing metals and the style just looked like alot of fun. I then discovered that it started out as a literary genre, then moved into music […]

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