Steampunk Jewelry

Gallery of handmade steampunk jewelry creations.

Starry Night

by Harriet Percynski. (Mentor Ohio, USA) Chainmaille necklace with another Cookie Lee Necklace on top to which I added 13 Vintage brooches, pendants and charms. “It was a very starry night, under quarter moon. I took my umbrella anyway. My glasses were clouded. But my eye were on the time. My heart lead the way […]

Victorian Spirits

by Diana Fiveash. (Austin,Texas USA) Dark Victorian skeleton head choker necklace. When I think of haunted and vintage, Victorian style choker necklace comes to mind. You can’t have a haunted necklace without a few skeleton heads. I used black lace and velvet for the choker adorned it with plastic skull heads,flat back rhinestones and red […]

How to Make Steampunk Jewelry

by Rena Klingenberg. Steampunk jewelry is a fun and fascinating style to work with. It combines vintage, hardware, imagination, gadgetry, and science fiction. What is Steampunk? It’s a fictional era that takes takes place during the British Victorian-Edwardian period – the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Sometimes there’s also a twist of 1800’s American Wild […]

Hand of Time Pendant

by Joan Williams. (Springfield, Missouri USA) An antiqued brass hand charm,some filigree, crystals and an antique watch face came together for this one of a kind steampunk style pendant. Joan Williams Lilruby – jewelry design and more at Etsy Comments: Wonderful name for this piece by: Rena Joan, I love the elements you’ve pulled together […]

Hinges & Gears

by Joan Williams. (Springfield, Missouri USA) I had a lot of fun creating this bracelet out of re-purposed materials – hinges and clock gears! The owner of one of the local bead stores always has a great selection of these things and I love to dig through them for inspiration. Once I got the design […]

Mechanical Heart

by Jim Osment. (Brisbane Australia) I love copper and brass mixed metal jewellery and some of the steampunk jewellery as well. Much of what is called steampunk is also truly hideous! I like to make things from raw materials to create something truly unique.I also enjoy recycling old clock and watch parts and other bits […]

“Nautilus Navigator”

by Shannon Lovorn. (Michigan USA) A glass taxidermy shark’s eye is surrounded by antiqued wings, vintage watch parts, and silver antiqued filigree. Suspended on a chain of beautiful black faceted vintage beads and topped off with a heavy, handforged brass clasp. I apply the patina myself and use an acrylic clearcoat to seal in the […]

Steampunk Goes Cuckoo

by Carolyn Dargevics. (Neenah, Wisconsin USA) I love steampunk but on my own terms. I took apart an old, broken cuckoo clock and used the parts to make the necklace. I handwashed the parts because they were oily, dirty, and dusty, and then used my Dremel to clean off the rust. As with all my […]

Steampunk Ring with Floating Watch Parts

by Violette Noble. (Portland Oregon USA) First I mounted a tiny snippet of a gorgeous vintage illustration into a high quality adjustable square silver ring blank and added a teensy weensy gear in the middle of the little clock. I mixed and poured 2 part “Glass Like” epoxy HALF WAY full, and when it was […]

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