Steampunk Jewelry

Gallery of handmade steampunk jewelry creations.

Help! How to Attach Tiny Parts to a Vintage Partial Pocket Watch Movement?

by Jenee’ Mohler. (Sisters, Oregon) I need some advice on ways to attach tiny gears and watch components to partial watch movements, and jump rings to vintage wristwatch movements. Some pieces just don’t have holes to wire to, and can’t be drilled. I have been using E6000, but the tiny shafts and pieces don’t leave […]

Steampunk Alien Bug-Man

by Carol Wofford. (Halifax, VA) I love shopping at local flea markets and yard sales for vintage and unusual jewelry, you just never know what you’ll find! I see beauty in things that many people call junk and especially like buying items that are broken, missing stones and have missing parts because when I get […]

Dragons of Artificial Moon

by Marina. (Brazil) I love steampunk and I love dragons. First I thought of earrings, where a dragon passes through a gear, like through some kind of portal. Here it is. Some months passed, and a pendant appeared, to combine with the earrings. Together with a friend we have a website for our jewelry. Almost […]

Steampunk Watches

by RON W. (Galveston, Texas USA) I have been making watch bands for many years, and enjoy art, and design. Steampunk is my favorite area to work with steel, copper, brass, and leather. I was looking for new ideas and happened onto your site. Wow, thanks for your simple and easy copper and brass patina. […]

Steampunk Headband

by Sylvia. (Muskegon, Michigan USA ) I have been making Steampunk Jewelry for a few years, mostly necklaces. A friend asked me to make something for her sister’s birthday. Her sister is really into the Steampunk Scene. She wanted something she could wear, so I decided to try my hand at a headpiece. I love […]

Field & Stream Inspired Steampunk

by Barbara Sims. (Downey, Califorina USA) Made from items I have collected along the years. I was inspired by the Vintage Field & Stream watch face. All the items are glued to a large metal washer. The rhinestone tassel is a single earring, the wings (I call them Angel Wings) were in my stash. Added […]

Steampunk Fun

by Penelope Worsham. (Calistoga, California USA) These are my version of Steampunk. A bracelet and necklace using vintage pieces and new. I love using keys and keyholes. Behind every lock is a mystery to be revealed. Penelope Worsham Penz Jewelz

Is Steampunk Jewelry a Craft or an Art?

by Marcon. (Malta, Europe) Hello there! I am a self taught jewelry arist/crafter and think I have a bit of an identity crisis! Well, I come from a small island in the Mediterranean where Steampunk was unheard of up until a few years ago. I actually introduced the concept of hand crafted unique Steampunk and […]

Starry Night

by Harriet Percynski. (Mentor Ohio, USA) Chainmaille necklace with another Cookie Lee Necklace on top to which I added 13 Vintage brooches, pendants and charms. “It was a very starry night, under quarter moon. I took my umbrella anyway. My glasses were clouded. But my eye were on the time. My heart lead the way […]

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