Gallery of handmade ring designs.

Ring with Greek Symbol Meandros

by Maria Mavromichalou. (Naila, Germany) Ring inspired from ancient Greece. A Greek symbol for eternity. Stone made of polymer clay and gold leaf. Maria Mavromichalou MM Kosmimata

Nebula Etched Copper and Sterling Stacking Rings

by Janice Root. (Orange City, Florida) Since the previous newsletter issue contains an article about patinas, I’d like to share with you the result of a new technique I tried. I etched and domed three copper disks of varying sizes and soldered them to twisted 14-gauge sterling silver. After antiquing with liver of sulphur, I […]

Beads and Button Wire Rings

by David. (Durham, NC) This past week my dog and I were hanging out at a country yard sale. It’s not a great market for homemade jewelry, but a woman came up and started trying on rings. Only one fit (size nine) and wasn’t her style. She mentioned have big knuckles from her softball playing […]

Rings I Love!

by Lawrence Dallas. (Memphis, Tennessee) These rings I had made for people I know and love. Two of these rings are made of Argentium Silver. My Wife Tammy loved her 40th Anniversary Ring. The second ring is made of Sterling Silver that has a Patina with a Diamond. The third ring was made for a […]

Making Rings – Going Around in Circles!

by Dianne Jacques. (Windsor, Vermont) My latest addiction is rings…and I am having a blast and more importantly, learning a lot. Rings are a great way to practice soldering joins and finish detail. I bought a great new device for the flex shaft…a split mandrel, who knew? It makes easy work of finishing the inside […]

Just for Fun Ring

by Maxine Booth. (Jamestown, TN) This sterling and amazonite ring was created just off the top of my head, with things that were on my worktable and driving me crazy. I think I found a good use for them, in an off-kilter sort of way. The headpin that holds it together is not sterling but […]

Love 4 Rings!

by Rinske Van Brederode. (Barrie Ontario Canada) I love making copper rings! Stripping the electrical wire, bending and hammering, hammering and bending some more. Often they are enhanced with a bead, but I always patina them. I just love the way the colour changes and how they look. I have to get better at taking […]

Wire Sculptured Rings

by Boysie E Brown. (Kitchen table) These rings are made out of aluminum 16 gauge silver wire. This wire will not rust. These rings are very comfortable to wear. They have style to them. Boysie E Brown Styles and fashion earrings

Unique Metal and Wire Copper Heart Ring

by Jane. (North Carolina) Hello guys, and thank you Rena for this great website! I have had numerous inspirations just from reading articles here!! One of those inspirations being this copper heart ring. I made it after reading Rena’s rustic ring tutorial. I never was able to follow any tutorial exactly, I always think of […]

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