Repurposed / Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Gallery of handmade jewelry created from repurposed or eco-friendly items.

Mexican Hat Transformation into Jewelry

by Cora Baillie. (Christchurch, New Zealand) One of Mum’s favourite souvenirs, the Mexican hat had sat on her coffee table for a long time, but no one wanted it, so I took it for the silver. It was a shame to melt it down as I appreciated the quality of the raised work and the […]

Beach Stone Bracelet

by Tami Pettersen. (Hansville, Wa) I found this beautiful cream colored stone on the beach by my house. I hammered copper links and spirals and drilled the stone to make this bracelet. Tami Pettersen Greystone Art Jewelry Greystone Art Jewelry on Facebook

Kintsugi-Inspired Beach Stone Necklace

by Tamara Summers. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) Some simple beach stones just have grand dreams and intentions of becoming necklace pendants – they really do! I come across them occasionally as I search for treasures on the beach to make jewellery and art with. They’ve taken decades, if not longer, to create a hole within themselves […]

Repurposing Older Elements

by Suzan Rothstein. (Carbondale Colorado) Repurposing old jewelry is so much fun. I used Swellegant in the copper color to make this older gold leaf new again. I found the glass heart in my collection of pieces to recycle and used a fire polished coppery colored bead and some copper wire for more embellishment. Suzan […]

Grandma’s Green Beads

by Catherine. (Oklahoma) Like Rena, I love green colors. I collect anything green. I inherited my Grandma’s beaded necklaces and broaches. I especially loved one necklace, it’s one of my favorite shades of green. I took it apart and made a bracelet (middle) from each bead for my Sister and I a few months ago. […]

Recycled Assemblage Jewelry

by Janet Vacanti. (Lockport, NY) I love to walk the shores of Lake Ontario where I live. Most people collect beach glass, but I fill my pockets with metal objects. I am fascinated with the textures, patinas and rust on them. Their organic and mechanical shapes are also intriguing, but not as much as their […]

Recycled Heart with Melted Plastic Scraps

by Dana. (Australia) I like to shop the thrift shops for plastic bits for pouring. I found a plastic heart. I use delft clay for this. I take all my scraps and melt them down and pour into the mould and make silver findings. Dana

Yard Sale Find – How to Use It in Jewelry? Or Is it a Bad Idea?

by Catherine Smith. (Oklahoma) I went to a yard sale today and found a table full of beaded necklaces as well as bracelets. I’ve been taking all the beads off the strings and washing them to re use for something else. I found these two necklaces for 50 cents, and want to only use the […]

Remake of a Flea Market Find!

by Sandy Mills. (Tionesta, PA) Walking through our local flea market, I happened upon a table of cabochons. In the basket I found these unique little beads that were made of bone. Being new to creating jewelry, I want to expand to wire work. This piece allowed me to gain a bit of the wire […]

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