Repurposed / Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Gallery of handmade jewelry created from repurposed or eco-friendly items.

Fun Way to Repurpose an Old Wrist Watch

by Carol Wofford. (Halifax Virginia) I thought I would share this fun way to repurpose an old wrist watch. I love to repurpose things and I came up with this idea for an old watch. First I removed the band and popped the back off and took out the works including the winding stem on […]

Faded Memories Bracelet

by Chris Rehkop. (Ashland, MO) My husband and I had these comfortable but wonderfully worn, old denim shirts that had seen better days. As I hate throwing things away, I look for ways to repurpose items. I tore the first shirt apart, saving several pieces, and here’s the first cuff bracelet I made. I posted […]

Pink and Green Lace Flower Jewellery

by Tamara Robertson. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) I had a pink variegated cotton lace doily, that I had originally picked up at a secondhand shop, for quite a while. It adorned a pillow as its first assignment. A while ago I took it off the pillow, and eventually noticed that if I cut it apart, I […]

Vintage Fork and Turquoise Bead Necklace

by Michelle Marson. (Bradford, NH) This necklace is made with a fork and a turquoise glass bead, strung on a 16½” Leather Cord. This necklace is handcrafted from vintage silverware. We create spoon and fork jewelry from pieces of genuine silver plated flatware. These pieces are recycled and some are vintage. Over time, each piece […]

Papier Mache and Crochet Jewelry

by Grazia Paretti. (Italy) Papier mache and crochet come together and it’s love at first sight Grazia Paretti Opplà! Opplà! on Facebook

Mexican Hat Transformation into Jewelry

by Cora Baillie. (Christchurch, New Zealand) One of Mum’s favourite souvenirs, the Mexican hat had sat on her coffee table for a long time, but no one wanted it, so I took it for the silver. It was a shame to melt it down as I appreciated the quality of the raised work and the […]

Beach Stone Bracelet

by Tami Pettersen. (Hansville, Wa) I found this beautiful cream colored stone on the beach by my house. I hammered copper links and spirals and drilled the stone to make this bracelet. Tami Pettersen Greystone Art Jewelry Greystone Art Jewelry on Facebook

Kintsugi-Inspired Beach Stone Necklace

by Tamara Summers. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) Some simple beach stones just have grand dreams and intentions of becoming necklace pendants – they really do! I come across them occasionally as I search for treasures on the beach to make jewellery and art with. They’ve taken decades, if not longer, to create a hole within themselves […]

Repurposing Older Elements

by Suzan Rothstein. (Carbondale Colorado) Repurposing old jewelry is so much fun. I used Swellegant in the copper color to make this older gold leaf new again. I found the glass heart in my collection of pieces to recycle and used a fire polished coppery colored bead and some copper wire for more embellishment. Suzan […]

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