Polymer Clay Jewelry

Gallery of handmade polymer clay jewelry creations.

My Blue Fairy

by Deb Friend. (Alabama, United States) I learned this technique from a tutorial by Eugene Topenia. It uses clay as a base, the picture is drawn in wire and colored with mica powders and resin gives it a glass like finish. The entire process takes me 4-5 days to complete. Deb Friend Friends Jewels on […]

Charming Polymer Clay Mushroom Bracelet

by Tara Myers. (Belton, South Carolina USA) I’ve just started working with polymer clay and love mixing color. I’ve always been a fan of tie dye so I created some and made small mushrooms with it, glazed them with Varathane and thought that they’d make cute charms for a bracelet. (I wish that I would […]

My New Polymer Clay Obsession

by Tai Sawyer. (Chicago, Illinois USA) I wanted to do something different for my newest coutureTAI collection and “discovered” polymer clay. I immediately fell in love especially when I discovered molds as well. I had always worked with beads, baubles and buttons but loved how more creative I could become with my ideas using polymer […]

Re-Versatility with Polymer Clay

by Patti Underwood. (Brooksville, Florida USA) My name is Patti Underwood. I have been in love with Polymer Clay, beads and wire since 2000. It is only now that I feel I am finding my own voice with original designs. These beads are hollow and light weight. I like to make them have two different […]

Aztec Goddess Necklace

by Lorraine Vogel. (Delray Beach, Florida USA) This pendant was created using the ancient Japanese technique, mokume gane, with polymer clay. Layers of copper, red, coral and white clay were stacked and stamped with a large leaf stamp. Then the raised areas are shaved, revealing the stamped pattern. The sides of the pendant were carved, […]

Polymer Clay Jewelry Set Reflects Costa Rican Bird Colors

by Anna Garner. (Northern California USA) When an artisan friend of mine saw this set of polymer clay jewelry that I had made, she said the bracelet and necklace reminded her of the colorful birds in the forests of Costa Rica. I was very happy to think of my jewelry creations reflecting the colors of […]

Everything Floral

by Nidhi Kedia. (Bangalore, India) When the sky is warm and there are colours everywhere , the blue waters, the green grass , colourful flowers bursting in our gardens…the aroma of freshly bloomed flowers lingers in the air ,in my home and in my mind inspiring me to create something floral , something delicate , […]

Polymer Clay Beads

by Sheila Meador. (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) I took a 2-hour beginning Polymer clay class at a local craft store and fell in love with clay again (still remember my first clay experience in kindergarten). It’s fun to collect various colors, tools, and books, but I haven’t improved my skill level beyond that class. Here is […]

Polymer Clay Pendant

by Sheila. (Atlanta, Georgia USA) After taking a class in polymer clay, my first clay purchase was silver, gold and copper Premo Sculpey Accents. I loved mixing the metallics for my first creation. Within 5 minutes of posting the photo of this pendant, one of my friends wrote and asked to buy it. Creating clay […]

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