Polymer Clay Jewelry

Gallery of handmade polymer clay jewelry creations.

Rusty Garage Polymer Clay Necklace

by Terri Wlaschin. (Key West, FL) It’s funny how necklaces come together. Sometimes I have a vision in mind and it works rather well. Other times a slight adjustment is needed. But, honestly, most times I am creating as I go. The subject necklace is a perfect example of that. I had intended to create […]

Starflower Earrings, Shower of Flowers Earrings

by Jackie Locantore. (Bridgewater, MA. USA) I am addicted to the complex polymer canes made by Ikandiclay from Etsy. I have a box full, and I will probably acquire more! I made these earrings using Iris’s canes and some of the new Premo Opal Clay, with a soft pink translucent for the backs. I just […]

Mini Pixel Hearts

by Esther Schmidt. (North Vancouver, BC, Canada) Using my extruder I made this heart with a vernier made out of extruded squares in yellow, turquoise and purple. I reduced it and loved the combo! I made a few more in different shapes, and they are all super! Hope you enjoy them! Esther Schmidt The Purple […]

The Joy of Sharing

by Susan Anderson. (Home Studio) The last few weeks I have been working in polymer clay to create some new necklace and earring sets. I was asked to donate a few pieces to a large fundraiser in Philadelphia. It has been a few months since working primarily in polymer clay, so it was a fun […]

Metal Me Up Please

by Terri Wlaschin. (Key West, Florida USA) I have the most fun making pieces free form like putting together a puzzle without a picture. My process is highly intuitive cause I have no drawing skills. This piece started as a slab of conditioned black poly clay to which I added texture. Then I painted it […]

Polymer Clay Squares + Squares

by Esther Schmidt. (North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) I love using my extruder. So I made these wonderful squares using the new Premo! color Silver with sparkles, and you can see them! Then I mixed other extruded “flowers”. I used a brass washer for the pendant to give it a more urban look. If you […]

Going Green & Sassy

by Terri Wlaschin. (Key West, Florida USA) I always enjoyed making statement necklaces using bead embroidery or wireworking techniques. This time I decided to try polymer clay. I am digging the idea of embedding pearls, crystals and gemstones in clay so I gave it a whirl here. Fringe adds a sassy, playful touch. Bring it […]

Devotional Yemanya Necklace

by Carolina Gonzalez. (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain) This piece is my most recent custom commission for a dearest patron; a devotional necklace for Yemanya, Orisha of the Sea and Mother of all Orishas. As well as an artist, I am a Spiritual Worker, so I get this kind of commissions for devotional sculpted pieces regularly, […]

Working with Empty Space

by Esther Schmidt. (North Vancouver, Canada) I was working with a piece of Polymer clay made out with my extruder. I only used 4 colors: Purple, silver, black and white. I wanted to see if I can re- position the cut out piece and create a pendent with he empty space. I am happy with […]

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