Polymer Clay Jewelry

Gallery of handmade polymer clay jewelry creations.

Air Dry Clay Earrings – Sunset in Arizona

by Kim Hermann. (Apache Junction AZ) I used air dry clay to make these southwestern design earrings. I hand sculpted the cactus to give my earrings depth. I hand painted the design to reflect our AZ sunsets. Kim Hermann Exclusively Yours – Designs by Kim Hermann

A New Way To Wear My Favorite Shoes

by Sherine Steele. (Visiting Colorado) My name is Sj Harrington. As many of you, I’ve made jewelry since a girl in high school, but stopped when the real world showed up. At this stage of life, I’m a disabled veteran suffering from conditions that prevent me from walking in my beloved shoes! But hey, now […]

Autumn Jewelry in Polymer Clay

by Patti Underwood. (Florida) This is a polymer clay bangle, just perfect for autumn. As polymer is very light weight, this is a pleasure to wear. The autumn colors would just about suit all fall outfits. It is created around a regular soda can, which fits most women. Two pairs of autumn earrings in polymer […]

Mona Lisa 2.0 in Polymer Clay

by Tish Egerton. (Boonville Mo) This piece is all polymer clay (no paint) and it all started in my living room. A friend of mine said “I bet you could make the Mona Lisa out of this clay” and then it was a challenge:) Tish Egerton Optical Awakenings GreeneEarthMagic

Sea Shell Minimalist Leather Necklace

by Christie Dunn. (Kentucky) I love making leather necklaces and like to keep them a bit simple in design so they do not look too busy. This necklace idea was derived from an experiment I did with Kato polyclay. If you have never worked with this type of clay, it can be a little intimidating. […]

Back to My Original Medium – Polymer Clay

by Janine Gerade. (Holliston, MA) I went back to my original medium, polymer clay, to make all sorts of jewelry. I used stamps, texture tools and mica powders on the pendants. It makes my pieces truly unique and different from other clay artists. Coming up this weekend I am selling jewelry at comic-con (a sci-fi/comic […]

Boho Polymer Necklace

by Patti Underwood. (Brooksville, Florida) I just love the Boho look. I work in polymer, beads, wire, charms. I made 3 squares and figured a way to attach them with cord. At my show last weekend, I sold this piece. Which has spurred me on to create two more. I love the colors of fall, […]

Out of This World Pendants

by Glenda Munguia. (Houston, TX) I have jewelry on consignment at a hair salon, and I wanted to make some pieces inspired on “what would I like to wear myself?” I like to wear pieces that are different and weird, so I pushed the envelope further and came up with these. To my surprise they […]

Bibs Aren’t Just for Babies!

by Terri Wlaschin. (Key West, FL) I am fond of statement pieces. Before I went pretty much full time into making my own poly clay beads, I was making funky wire wrapped bib style necklaces using an eclectic mix of beads, buttons (and even bronze age arrow head). Before that I was dabbling into bib […]

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