Gallery of handmade pendant designs.

Layered Pendant – Elegance and Sparkle!

by Jan Lewis. (North Carolina) I layered beautiful, feminine filigrees to create the perfect setting for this sparkling, faceted Bermuda blue rhinestone. Using accents of sweet little birds and more glittering rhinestones to complete this Victorian style pendant, I placed it on double link chain about 19 inches long. It’s a lovely, romantic necklace and […]

Raven Totem Necklace

by Cherie Somerville. (Douglas, Arizona) I had ordered this unique & intriguing Peruvian made clay raven head while ordering some gemstone beads more than a year ago. I’ve pulled it out & look at it, admiring it, but never really sure what to create with it, so it just stayed put, hanging out with my […]

Vintage Trailer Beaded Pendant

by Joanne Klauber. (Cat Spring, TX) My dear friend is crazy about vintage campers, and has an adorable little blue and white Shasta that she has named “Maxine”. For her birthday, I decided to recreate Maxine in a beaded version that she can wear. I started with several photos of both Maxine and other similar […]

Tibetan Quartz Trio Pendant

by Joanne Klauber. (Cat Spring, TX) In this piece, my love of wire work and crystals came together as so many of my creations do… in a surprise! I usually start with something rather specific in mind, but during the process I tend to take a few twists and turns in the path and usually […]

Rhodochrosite Stalactite Pendant

by Nancy Bailey. (New Mexico) This material has always captivated me. While at a recent Rock Show, I was so fortunate to have acquired some beautiful Rhodochrosite stalactites from Argentina. This material has gotten quite rare. After cutting a slice and creating a cabochon, it was wrapped in sterling silver wire using a cold forge […]

Blue Kyanite Wire Pendant

by Debra Moore. (Akron, Indiana, USA) I found this kyanite stone in a little shop, and could not resist buying it! I’ve had it for a few years, wanting to become better at wrapping before I tried to make anything with it. For the wrap I used dead-soft copper wire, and solid copper beads. I […]

Wire Doodle Heart Pendant

by sharon ashburner. (Toronto,Canada) I wanted to practise some wire weaving techniques and use some lovely rose coloured artistic wire I had on hand. I started to form a heart shape and really enjoyed adding pretty stones and crystal to my piece and finishing the ends with spirals, a shape I love to doodle all […]

An Andes Opal Heart for Valentine’s Day

by Barbara Jacquin. (Uzes in the south of France) On a recent trip to Peru I had made up my mind to bring back some Andes opals. I knew they were abundant in the area and set out to find some for my jewelry projects. Asking around didn’t yield much information, so I began to […]

Fused Glass Pendants

by Sonal Karnik. (Evergreen, CO) Something magical happens when tiny glass particles melt and fuse to reveal vibrant colors. For these pendants, I layered fine, medium and dichroic glass frit into my prepared molds and fired them in my kiln in four stages. I used simple suede and leather cords to hold these bright pendants. […]

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