Gallery of handmade pendant designs.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

by Tammy Baalman. (Willis, Texas) When making a one of a kind piece of jewelry, I usually let the stone dictate the direction of the design. I love procuring uniquely shaped stones from talented lapidary artists. For this particular piece, I kept the front simple to allow the stone to be the focal point. For […]

“Green” Horse Pendant

by Valarie Lewis. (United States) This pendant of a horse has both a literal and a figurative meaning. In horse lingo, a “green” horse means one that has not been trained, and they are really nothing but potential and possibilities. So now you don’t have to be a horse person to get the secret behind […]

Wild Love Pendant, Happy Valentine’s Day

by Marcia Wisehoon. (Bradenton, FL) Leopardskin jasper is a wild and crazy gemstone with orbital patterning of reds, pinks and black, sometimes oranges! I love the coloring and crazy effect of the patterns, and it is a special stone, metaphysically speaking, for me. Along with all of the properties of jaspers, leopardskin bears the quality […]

Love Me Do! Heart Pendants

by Erinn LaMattery. (Japan) Although I’m behind on my Valentine’s Day line, I finally got some statement Love Me Do heart pendants finished off, and am so happy with how they turned out. These have at least 10 steps from start to finish, if not more, starting with a coil of wire and ending with […]

“Seek Your True North” Pendant

by Laura-Lee Podmore. (Canada) It happened again. Someone said that pursuing a career in art is no way to make a living, and that if you want to be prosperous, you should seek other, “safer” avenues. When you are told that your passion, your very basis of joy and fulfillment is a waste of time, […]

Sodalite DOES Look Nice with Antiqued Copper!

by Terrie Marcoe. (New Paltz, NY) I have been procrastinating at attempting to work with Wire Weaving, always finding my efforts not panning out. On New Year’s Eve, I was traveling alone and so, as I sat at a Starbucks in Abilene, Texas, decided to help fill the night by watching tutorials. I came upon […]

Two Glass Tile Necklaces

by Natasha Papousek. (Lemon Grove, CA) These two pieces were made with the same technique. The poinsettia is from a photo that I took near my office. The tree is from a scan of a painting I made. I printed them on super-nice matte presentation paper, then sprayed with acrylic to set the ink. I […]

Beautiful Mauve Star Sapphire Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver

by RebeccaJane Morgan. (Frostproof,Florida) My husband found this stone in NC, and turned it into a beautiful piece for my wire wrapping addiction. It is approximately the size of a nickel in diameter. We love to search nature for unusual stones to make into jewelry pieces. RebeccaJane Morgan Baubles Bangles and Beads By RJ Morgan

A Little Sparkle…

by Lynda Carson. (Spring Valley, CA) Adding some old world charm to a necklace with a crystal chandelier replacement piece. By tin soldering the edge, I added an even more antique look to this crystal. These versatile components also have a back side that is flat and lends itself to adding scrap book or decorative […]

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