Jewelry Gallery

Gallery of handmade jewelry creations.

Wire Shamrocks!

by Erinn LaMattery. (Japan) Back in January I started playing around with my wire to make some shamrocks. After maybe half an hour of wasted materials, I finally found a way to shape them that was easy for me and they turned out pretty sweet! (I always start with cheap aluminum wire before moving into […]

Enameled Earrings

by Dianne. (Vermont) I have become enamored with enamel! Here are some Springtime earrings I put together on a snowy day in Vermont. First, I cut the discs from 20 gauge copper sheet. After the edges were filed smooth, I drilled the holes and gave the discs a dome. I put a couple coats of […]

Seascape Dreams Jewelry

by Alla P. (United States) When I think of summer it always brings images of sandy beach, turquoise water, sun and shells to my mind. On a February Jersey evening these thoughts help to keep me warm 🙂 And here are some sea inspired pieces I came up with. Alla P.

Cold Forged Pendant Settings

by Dennis Hardy. (Arizona) These pendants are cold forged from round copper and sterling silver wire. I use the back of a hatchet as an anvil, a ball peen hammer, a file and a few pliers to accomplish this setting. Dennis Hardy The Knotted Branch

Brass Butterfly Garden Necklace

by Linda Tenney. (Palm Harbor, FL) I love creating nature tableaus with a mix of components and so that’s how this Brass Butterfly Garden came to be. Using all antique brass components found at popular retail outlets, I fashioned together an enamel flower bib connector, butterfly pendant, watering can charm, and clear faceted teardrop crystal, […]

Crushed Gemstone Vertical Bar Necklace

by Kelly Tibbetts. (Vero Beach, Florida) These beautiful crushed gemstone necklaces were inspired by my crushed sea glass collection. I found these crushed gemstones at our local gem and jewelry show and thought they would be really pretty as a necklace. Each one has been handmade using a pendant tray and sealed giving the gemstones […]

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

by Tammy Baalman. (Willis, Texas) When making a one of a kind piece of jewelry, I usually let the stone dictate the direction of the design. I love procuring uniquely shaped stones from talented lapidary artists. For this particular piece, I kept the front simple to allow the stone to be the focal point. For […]

Blue Lace Agate Bracelet with Scrolls

by Kristene Gonzales. (Draper, Utah, United States) This bracelet is made with a blue lace agate gemstone and copper wire that is antiqued. I have wire wrapped this with a mixed pattern weave and scrolled the end of the wires. I learned this pattern off of the Russian weaving artist Vorobev. His work is amazing […]

Easy Earring Ideas

by Kathy Zee. (Fiddletown, CA) I absolutely love making earrings. These are a few pair that I made this week. The first one are made from yellow glass beads and Tibetian links. The second one is Czech fire polished beads, metal spacers and a pewter cross. Third one is made from Mykonos castings, leftover chain […]

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