Jewelry Gallery

Gallery of handmade jewelry creations.

Where the Heart is Pin

by zoraida. (patchogue, ny) Where the Heart Is pin Bird’s nest inspired design I am in love with birds’ nests. These careful, meticulous constructions created by birds has always fascinated me. By now, I have created a whole series of them and I’m always trying to make them look authentic and maybe fool some little […]

Why Did I Wait So Long To Make Longer Length Necklaces?

by Kim McDowell. (Dillard, GA) I have been making gemstone jewelry, primarily necklaces, for many years. My closest friend recommended long ago that I make longer necklaces. I have finally seen the light! I was inspired to make one when they became a recent fashion trend. I made it 30 inches long with a mixture […]

What’s the Question? Earrings

by Sally Vonada. (Wamego, KS) I still consider myself a newbie to wire work but I am enamored with the limitless possibilities. I created this pair of earrings using 18g silver plated wire, shaping it into a form reminiscent of a question mark, then finishing with a small faceted AB red crystal oval. What’s the […]

Whole Lotta Pearls!

by Kathleen Waltrip. (Carpinteria, California USA) Like many followers here I had a lifestyle change. An injury got me off my feet and I was worried that I couldn’t be effective at my job. Out came the beads, I ran out for a business license and hoped that my pieces would sell. It’s now been […]

What to Call This Style of Necklace?

by Sandy. (Ct.)   Rena, I love creating this style of jewelry. The problem is I don’t know what style to call it. I wonder if you can help. Have any ideas? I love using pearls, crystals and pendants in most of my jewelry – and in this necklace I used a recycled earring for […]

White Wedding

by Lisa. (M&J Silver Creations Custom Jewelry) This necklace and earring set was a request from a friend. She wanted the pearls with some silver accents in between the pearls. (Hope you can see the silver beads in between the larger beads in the photo). She also wanted something different and asked if I could […]

Weathering the Storm

by Lois–aka ArtFairly Aware. (Arlington Heights, IL USA) I created this necklace for a polymer clay challenge. The theme was “moods.” Well, I was feeling quite stormy at the time and wanted to embrace that mood. The pendant is the result I achieved and thought it captured the storm quite nicely. There is that calm […]

Fun, Funky and a Bit Rustic

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, CA) A friend called me one day and said she had some over-sized copper colored staples from the bottom of a large packing box. She wondered if I could use them for jewelry. I had them around for several weeks with no idea how to use them. Then one day […]

We Started Life as Earrings

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, CA) What can you make with a pair of earrings? More earrings of course or something completely different. I chose to make something different.   The earrings had lots of components and I wanted to use as many as possible. So I took them apart then waited for inspiration to […]

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