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Gallery of handmade jewelry creations.

A Study of Vessels: Vessel Number Two

by Delia Stone. (Pensacola, FL)   I spent a little time coiling on this one, unlike my first one. The coiling isn’t perfect but I learned a few things in the process so that’s a good thing. I wanted to see if I could round the lid off this time – which I managed to […]

A Study of Vessels

by Delia Stone. (Pensacola, FL) This exploration into vessels has long been on my ‘to do’ list. You know, that list of intended projects you plan to get around to doing one day? We all have a list like that. 🙂 This desire to work with vessels was suddenly bumped up from the ‘to do’ […]

Water Lillies

by Kelly Godfrey. (North Carolina) I was in a “pink and green” mood and found these awesome green carved flower mother of pearl beads and combined them with some fushia pink pearls to give it a real tropical feel. For filler beads I used smaller white pearls, small Swarovrski bicone crystals and some beige chunkier […]

A Thing of Beauty

by Terri Wlaschin. (Rockville, Maryland USA) Funny thing about this necklace. I made each of the components separately just because I wanted to experiment with different techniques. There is right angle weave, circular right angle weave, fringing, and circular brick stitch pieces. And, I was really getting off on the color combination. Did you ever […]

Warm Summer

by Abigail Robichon. (Johannesburg, South Africa) My original necklace like this one was 45cm long, laying on the collar bone. I shortened it and made it a choker. The beads are foil beads and I used copper wire. These ladies from Morocco requested I added the centre piece. It made the piece look worlds apart. […]

Abalone Spiral Earrings

by Lynda Carson. (Spring Valley, CA) Another version of hammered copper washers (I think there’s only 82 left in the box!). Abalone beads were wired onto the circles with 22 gauge sterling silver wire, beginning and ending with tiny swirls. Gotta go with the liver of sulphur solution to oxidize the pieces, then buff with […]


by THEjeweller (by Giulia). (Transylvania, Romania) This ring was made of silver plated wire wrapped around an uncut black agate. No additional findings were used in handcrafting this ring but raw materials (wire and the semiprecious stone). This ring was made in Romania. Giulia (THEjeweller) THEjeweller on Etsy THEjeweller on Breslo

A Study of Vessels Leads to Beads

by Delia Stone. (Pensacola, FL) My wire work took me today off down a little rabbit hole today. As many of you know I have been studying and experimenting with the idea of wire vessels. It seemed natural to me when I was holding the domed lid for vessel number two in my hand to […]

A Shore Thing

by Kelly Godfrey. (Wilmington, North Carolina USA) A “Shore” Thing . . . is a “work of art” that can be worn casually or formally. This 16″ necklace is adjustable to 19″, and combines glass blown striped lentil beads with the elegance of clear glass and silver accented bead caps that create a wonderful backdrop […]

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