Gallery of handmade necklace designs.

A Mingling of Indonesian, Baltic, and Southwest Charm

by Diane Schamp. (Great Lakes Region) A diverse mix of materials and colors makes for an eye-catching necklace. The pendant and sterling beads are Indonesian handmade beads displaying patterns of elaborate detail oxidized to enhance the wire rings and granulation work. The necklace is made with Baltic amber nuggets in honey, brown, and yellow combined […]

Morocco Necklace

by Dennise Larson. (Ridgefield, WA) After a trip to Morocco with wonderful sights scents and BEADS, I put this little gem together with tagua, Indonesian glass and a polymer clay faux amber pendant. Dennise Larson Snagridge EcoBeads Tagua

108 Long Gemstone Mala Bead Necklace

by Holly Louen. (Green Valley, Arizona) This hand knotted, 108 gemstone mala necklace is truly a statement piece. The number 108 is significant for a number of reasons and it is open to interpretation. Mala beads were traditionally created to be used as a tool in meditation. However — I believe mala beads are also […]

Happily Beaded Ever After…

by Monique Ross. (Southern Oregon) I love making jewelry though I confess, I’ve only been doing it about a year. My husband who was my lifelong best friend until we fell in love 2 years ago, is the most artistic person I’ve ever known, and he introduced me to it. He always wore a beaded […]

Unique Turquoise and Jungle Jasper Beaded Necklace

by Patricia Whitelow. (Douglasville, Ga) I had this beautiful, irregular shaped Turquoise nugget and I felt it would make a lovely center piece for a necklace. I wanted to highlight it by using a variety of shapes and colors of beads. I chose Red Sponge Coral and smaller Lapis blue colored Turquoise and round Jungle […]

Old World Santa Necklace

by Ingrid Anderson. (USA) I grew up going to Europe every year and celebrated Christmas surrounded by antique Christmas ornaments, candy containers and decorations. When I discovered this lovely raku pendant made by Harry Wood I immediately fell in love. It reminded me of the lovely old pieces I grew up with. To make the […]

Black and Gold Leaf Handmade Glass Bead Necklace with Baroque Pearls

by Patricia Tyser Carberry. (Prescott, AZ) I’ve had these fabulous baroque pearls for several years now, but had no idea what to do with them. I’ve been experimenting with some new glass that contains metallic oxides, and using gold and silver leaf. These beads have a base of glass overlaid with gold leaf. Then handmade […]

Dune Necklace

by Annie Laughton. (Victoria, Australia) Coiling looked fab and I was eager to see how I could incorporate it into a pendant. The agate cabochon was uninspiring colour wise but had a ephemeral landscape scene so I wanted to make it the focus. The base is 14 ga wire and I have added coiled and […]

One of My Favorite & First Pieces

by Alison Holmes. (Virginia) This piece was made with the idea of using the colors of blue hues as well as silver components. The focal point of this piece are the slices of agate. And the shine of the beads I used absolutely brings out my personality. It’s definitely a statement piece. Any ideas that […]

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