Gallery of handmade necklace designs.

Simple Necklace Style to Wear Long or Short

by Kathy Zee. (Fiddletown, CA) I love the look of long necklaces that are versatile. Wear it long or double it and make two strands. This one is summery with light blue pearl beads, silver lined #6 seed beads and faceted purple crystals. This necklace is 42 inches long. I make earrings to match and […]

Snowy Elegance Necklace

by Jackie. (Bridgewater, MA) All the snow and icicles inspired this piece. I love how it captures the beauty of New England winter! Jackie Morning Star Sanctuary Studio

Wire Wrapped Beaded Necklace with Chain

by Kathy Zee. (Fiddletown, CA) I love using chain with my necklaces and am still learning to wire wrap the beads to look professional. This is my latest necklace. It’s a gold chain from Michaels that I cut in small links. I used 20 gauge artistic gold wire and added the turquoise beads with gold […]

New Valentine Jewelry

by Lisa Winters-Baldwin. (Phoenix, Arizona) I love Choker Necklaces..and, since they are the current trend, I decided Valentine’s Day was perfect time to create some for my Etsy shop. 🙂 Lisa Winters-Baldwin JazzyWrap Jewelry

Elegant Copper Necklace

by Karen Taylor. (Irving,Texas) I thought I would share this. I love using different types of materials. I made this dainty elegant piece. It has copper and glass faux pearls. I usually just browse through my materials to come up with designs, and most times I use Pinterest and jewelry blogs for inspiration. I never […]

Unchain My Heart Chunky Charm Necklace

by Linda Tenney. (Palm Harbor, FL) I had amassed a collection of heart lockets, charms, and connectors. So I conceived this chunky statement piece where I could use them all. I used a chunky, brushed satin-finish chain to support it all, along with some heavy-duty anodized silver plastic chain (which added no weight). I then […]

Elemental Creations

by Galena Gibson. (Southeast Arkansas) I love to order mixed packets of focals! It’s just like getting a surprise stone that normally you would squint at, zoom in on, and deliberate over, until you decided to take a chance that that is the stone they will send you! Along with the color combinations the fossil […]

Vintage Glass and Silver Necklace

by Lynn. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) I love working with different materials and making asymmetrical designs. In this piece I found an oval vintage glass foil bead which was pierced twice so I attached it to a silver connector that I’ve been waiting to use for the right piece because it is drilled through more than […]

Leaves and Flowers Necklace

by Rossella. (Bolzano, Italy) I’m Rossella from Italy. I create jewelry only for my pleasure. This necklace is made with colorful acrylic leaves and flowers. Seed beads and other colorful beads are also used. Rossella Artedaparte

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