Necklaces with Big and Little Staples

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, CA) While going through a box of miscellaneous jewelry parts and pieces I found a necklace I’d started with the last of my big staples. I have no idea when I started it or why I abandoned it but there wasn’t too much left to do so I finished it. […]

Bangle Makeover – Sedate to Wild

by Terri Wlaschin. (Key West, FL) Does this happen to other people? It goes something like this. You are looking at a piece that you spent some time creating and you decide to tinker with it. You make some small changes and then SNAP! – you have what seems like a brilliant idea – and […]

Brass Chandelier-Turquoise-Crystals Necklace

by Sue. (Palm Beach, FL) I cut a brass pre-stamped metal sheet for the chandelier, punched holes, then sanded and polished it. Added the Swarovski blue zircon crystals and turquoise coin beads to the ends of brass oval link chains of different lengths. I made this over the head necklace with a brass lobster claw […]

My Spirit Guided Me

by Margo. (Northern NJ) The Southwestern Style necklace was originally made to be a set of sandals but my customer felt they looked too heavy and not her style. I made American Indian styles jewelry when I was younger and this just came out of me. So I posted this on Facebook and it took […]

Jewelz with Themes of Invention, Flight & Capture

by Penny Worsham. (Northern Calif Wine Country) This piece has the softness of leather, the hardness of wood and bling. I love the unconventional look of it. It’s something I do. I look for different components and then they speak to me and the result is a piece I love. The lace with wings shows […]

Organic Freeform Pendant

by Cynthia Westman. (Florida and Cape Cod MA) I started a collection of jewelry made from aluminum wire. I design the pattern as I work deciding on which shaping appeals most to me. I then choose what stones I think work best with the piece. I put them on a suede or leather string although […]

Mixing Media in the Crafting World

by Jean. (Carriacou, Grenada) I am always excited to receive Rena Klingenberg’s newsletter. Today I was super excited to see the article on Kumihimo Crossing Borders. Last week I completed a kumihimo necklace with a seashell attached. I live in Carriacou, Grenada and a friend from San Diego asked me if I could donate a […]

Steampunk Watch

by Chris Rehkop (Ashland, MO). I found an interesting watch face discounted at my local craft store. As I’d recently ordered red creek jasper stones and various flat leathers, they’d be just perfect to make a new watch. The finished project is a bit ‘steam-punk’ in style, but I think it turned out pretty well. […]

Sisters Three – Beaded Embroidery

by Rose Marie Cooper-Barden. (Home Studio) This piece was inspired by me having two sisters of my own. This piece was embroidered with colorful beads and sea shells from one of our lovely beaches here in Florida, Ana Maria. The Headdresses are made of Sand Dollars, Clam Shells and the tallest is a Mystery shell; […]

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