Button, Button, Who’s Got the …

by Lynda. (Spring Valley, California USA) Buttons come in so many wonderful materials, colors, sizes, and designs. And they’re ready made for easy, inexpensive, 5 minute earrings or ring projects. Here are a few lovelies made of metal, plastic, and wood. (Update: See Button, Buttons, Part 2 to see how Lynda made these.) Lynda Fresh […]

Destiny and Desire

by Cory. (Peoria, Arizona USA) Because I am a gatherer, and a collector of stuff, I always have something to start inventing with, be it jewelry, or other mixed media pieces. The necklace Destiny and Desire, is from this collection. I gather elements that have pleasing color combination and I look for textures that balance […]

Lady Amhearst Feather Earring

by Kimberley McClean. (Western Australia) A beautiful feather earring made with love from Lady Amhearst Pheasant feathers, macaw and rooster feathers, a concho and Australian kangaroo leather. I love making these 🙂 Kimberley McClean Comments: Great earrings by: Anonymous Love the feathers and colors. I was wondering if these are found naturally by you. Cool […]

Subdued Cranberry Silk Necklace

by Krista. (Dallas, Texas USA) With a background in fiber arts and a passion for color, I have always enjoyed dyeing my own silks. I first made scarves and clothing and have since transitioned into jewelry-making. This one-of-a-kind statement necklace is made from hand-dyed silk crepe carefully wrapped around wooden beads and strung onto jewelry […]

Adorned Blue Jay Feathers

by Tamara Summers. (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) These beautiful blue feathers were gifts from my backyard. I also have collected up black bird and mourning dove feathers, which I haven’t made into jewellery yet. The feathers are beautiful in themselves as jewellery supplies, but the thought has also crossed my mind that by making and selling […]

Tangerine and Turquoise Silk Statement Necklace

by Krista Marie. (Dallas, Texas, USA) Silk is my medium of choice, and color is my passion. I have worked with hand-dyeing silks for several years and began making jewelry a couple years ago. I hand-dye silks and wrap them around wooden beads to create statement necklaces. I occasionally braid the fabrics or incorporate re-purposed […]

Bra Strap Jewellery Sets

by Tamara Summers. (Pink Pearls by Tamara) Well, I have finished my first collection of detachable bra straps with matching jewellery! I made ten sets, which I delivered yesterday. I worked on many different styles – some styles originated from me, others were ones that Teresa (the lady that asked me to make them for […]

Boho Fabric Button Ring

by Jen’s Backyard. The Boho Fabric Button Ring. Floral with green, teal, magenta and yellow. Fabric button bonded to gold tone ring. The ring is adjustable (fits most sizes) and the button measures 1″ in diameter. This ring will add a touch of uniqueness to any outfit. I even made one for myself…and wear it […]

413 Flower Applique Earrings

by VART Jewelry. (Pasadena, CA) These delicate earrings are perfect for a touch of elegance. I have created these earrings from a beautiful applique flowers and I have added an antique brass bead (6mm), yellow czech glass beads (4mm), and off white glass pearls (12mm) that sits on an antique brass bead cap and they […]

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