Spring in Watership Down Floral Necklace

by Tamara Robertson. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) This is a fun, colourful, and springy necklace that I recently made for myself. I was watching the series “Watership Down” at the time (love those bunnies!) 🙂 , and I could imagine these types of colourful flowers blooming there in the spring and summer, around the bunnies’ warren, […]

Faded Memories Bracelet

by Chris Rehkop. (Ashland, MO) My husband and I had these comfortable but wonderfully worn, old denim shirts that had seen better days. As I hate throwing things away, I look for ways to repurpose items. I tore the first shirt apart, saving several pieces, and here’s the first cuff bracelet I made. I posted […]

Purple Passion Silk and Feather Necklace / Headband Duo

by Tamara Robertson. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) The starting point for this piece was the beautiful large 1″ long crystal. It was passed on to me several years ago by a friend who retailed crystal jewellery, but who wasn’t a jewellery artist. It was an element in a piece of jewellery, but part of the back […]

Pink and Green Lace Flower Jewellery

by Tamara Robertson. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) I had a pink variegated cotton lace doily, that I had originally picked up at a secondhand shop, for quite a while. It adorned a pillow as its first assignment. A while ago I took it off the pillow, and eventually noticed that if I cut it apart, I […]

Love Mixed Media Jewelry

by Deborah Stinnett. (San Diego, California) I stumbled across an tutorial a couple of years ago using eggshells to make textured pendants. Had a ‘wow’ moment and decided to play with this new idea. The goal was to create sort of a mosaic or tile effect. I went a bit further and crushed some eggshells […]

Fabric Jewelry

by Donna Westbrook. (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) I have been working on making fabric jewelry with a mod theme. Although I have other mod pieces, I have found that working with fabric is challenging in many ways. Should I sew them with a machine? Or hand sew them with needle and thread? I have found that […]

Art Nouveau Goddess: Aphrodite

by Melissa McNair. (Clifton Park, NY USA) I just love creating unique jewelry pieces, and my “Aphrodite” necklace is a favorite among my customers The idea is the same, but each creation is always unique since a different combination of paints & accent beads are always used. Aphrodite is a Greek Goddess born out of […]

Leather & Button Choker Necklace

by Georgena Allen. (Texas) Love to see this style of necklace coming around again. I have been wearing them for most of my life but just recently began making them. I made this one last year using 2 vintage buttons I had an strands of brown, 1.5 mm leather cord. So many design potentials with […]

Jellyfish Earrings

by Sandy Light. (Sarasota, FL) These earrings are created using shrink material. I have been working with shrink plastic and colored pencils. I love that when it shrinks it keeps all the detail of your design. I had some alcohol ink pens and combined them with my colored pencils. The jellyfish earrings look great with […]

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