Fabric Jewelry

by Donna Westbrook. (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) I have been working on making fabric jewelry with a mod theme. Although I have other mod pieces, I have found that working with fabric is challenging in many ways. Should I sew them with a machine? Or hand sew them with needle and thread? I have found that […]

Art Nouveau Goddess: Aphrodite

by Melissa McNair. (Clifton Park, NY USA) I just love creating unique jewelry pieces, and my “Aphrodite” necklace is a favorite among my customers The idea is the same, but each creation is always unique since a different combination of paints & accent beads are always used. Aphrodite is a Greek Goddess born out of […]

Leather & Button Choker Necklace

by Georgena Allen. (Texas) Love to see this style of necklace coming around again. I have been wearing them for most of my life but just recently began making them. I made this one last year using 2 vintage buttons I had an strands of brown, 1.5 mm leather cord. So many design potentials with […]

Jellyfish Earrings

by Sandy Light. (Sarasota, FL) These earrings are created using shrink material. I have been working with shrink plastic and colored pencils. I love that when it shrinks it keeps all the detail of your design. I had some alcohol ink pens and combined them with my colored pencils. The jellyfish earrings look great with […]

Stainless Steel, Bone and Leather Bracelet

by Juan Valerio. (Tarpon Springs) I made this brecelet with repurposed steel, stainless steel nuts from the hardware store, bone beads and leather cord. The big piece of steal is part of a handle from a kitchen utensil. Juan Valerio Juan of a kind Designs

Floating Roses Bangle

by Rossella. (Italy) I have so many ideas about my resin creations, and this is the one I am working during September. Roses everywhere! I created a resin bangle with a bunch of red rose petals, and also a mini rosebud inside. Quite tricky to obtain the floating effect, but worth it. And following the […]

Bridal Bracelet with Baby’s Breath Flowers

by Rossella. (Italy) Back to nature, I started to create a line of resin bridal jewelry, a nature-based and stylish one. I had many ideas but I asked to myself which flower could best suit this project. Not only one answer, but I started with the pure Baby’s Breath (we call it Bride’s Veil here […]

Easy Soldering

by Linda Sheehan. (Hickory NC) After many failed attempts at soldering I finally got it it!! It has become an addiction. I make pendants to suit a particular style of the person they’re meant for. Using all types of creative supplies. My favorite so far as been feathers and lace. It’s a lovely mix. Linda […]

Stainless Steel and Leather Men’s Bracelet

by Juan Valerio. (Tarpon Springs FL) I made this piece with repurposed steel from a kitchen utensil and leather from a used belt. Juan Valerio Juan of a Kind Designs on Facebook

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