My Custom Creation Requests

by Val. (Peabody, Massachusetts USA) Lately I have been honored to be asked to create a variety of custom orders. This is certainly the most flattering aspect of having a jewelry business. The request for this piece was a hand stamped Live Your Dream necklace with a touch of purple. For the purple I added […]

Reiki-Charged Crystal Healing Jewelry

by Stacy LeDoux. (Denver, Colorado USA) I am a level 2 Reiki practioner and will be a Reiki Master by the end of February. I design Reiki-charged, crystal healing jewelry. Each one of my items is made with specific healing properties and is accompanied by a scroll with a description of each of the crystals […]

Kumihimo Bolo

by Julia Zimmerman. (Minneapolis, Minnesota USA) I love the bolo look and wanted to create something that reminded me of shoots sprouting from the ground in spring. Julia Zimmerman Nicholas Stapley Designs

For a Very Important Day: My Wedding Jewelry

by Marcia. (Portugal) I did my headband, my earrings, wedding rings, the holder of wedding rings, the centerpiece … and many other things. Just because I love making jewelry and crafts. But talking about the main topic … the jewelry. It was not easy. I wanted a simple and unique thing that had the colors […]

The Bottom of the Cup

by Nancy Franck. (Wooster, Ohio USA) It all started at a Christmas ornament workshop. We began by pouring craft paint into clear glass ornaments. We swirled it around a little and turned the ornament over so it could drain into a paper cup. While the finished product was beautiful – what was left in the […]

Paw Prints Along The Sand~Inspirational Pet Memorial Necklace

by Sarah Barnes. (United States) Much of my inspiration and design  for my jewelry pieces  comes from my  love for animals, especially  for dogs. I love dogs so much because  of their loyalty, friendship and most of all  their unconditional love for their owners. During my youth  my family and I  along with our Golden […]

Unisex Eyeglass Chains

by Val. (Peabody, Massachusetts USA) I’ve had a couple styles of unisex eyeglass chains in my shop for quite some time that have always been good sellers. For a while now I’ve been wanting to add new designs. Here they are finally! It was fun to shop for stones that are masculine enough for men. […]

Lanyards for Electronic Cigarettes

by Val. (Peabody, Massachusetts USA) I recently had a custom order for 2 electronic cigarette lanyards. I never knew there was such a thing! So of course I deduced that there may be a market for these. I’m starting off with 5 of my classic signature lanyards with an ecig ring on the end. The […]

Copper Bear

by Gretchen Shea. (Near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA) I’ve just started working with metal and I love it! I found a picture of a bear that we took at our cabin a few years ago. He looks like he is posing just for me! I made a template from the picture and cut it out of […]

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