Can Someone Please Identify these Stones?

by Barbara. (USA) Can anyone please identify the stones in this necklace? Thank you. Barbara

Creepy but Fun

by Colleen. (Webster, NY) Since I dislike spiders this was a challenge. I kept seeing these on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try. It was a great way to use up beads AND help get over a fear. I was so absorbed in making my first one, I didn’t realize how much it […]

Men’s Stainless Steel Medicine Bag

by Jan C Aynes. (Phoenix, Arizona USA) This is a 30″ long strap of stainless steel roundmaille transitioned to european 3 in 1 weave with a square flap and cold connections for godseye and lemon quartz. There are raccoon claws with sterling silver accents. This took 84 hours of work to complete. The bag is […]

Copper Medicine Bag

by Jan C Aynes. Copper jump rings, roundmaille chain transitioned to european 2 in 1 bag with angled flap. Probably 100 hours total for chainmaille weave, adding decorations. The pouch is large enough to hold a computer mouse. Jan C Aynes Organically Us  

Purse Charms

by Christine Yuss. (Ventura, CA) What could I do to set myself apart from other jewelry makers who are all competing for the same spots in holiday craft fairs this season? I trolled Pinterest to find items I could make with gemstones/wire etc that weren’t necessarily wearable jewelry but that I could add to my […]

Jewelled Denim Pocket Purses

by Tamara Summers. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) I created a few of my denim pocket purses, and used a couple of other non-jewellery items in these pieces. I made a purse incorporating some fun, fall-inspired colourful buttons and vintage earrings. A bit of lace, a bit of chain, some bling, and a leather cord for the […]

Beaded Christmas Spiders

by Debra Foltz. (Central Oregon USA) First, I am afraid of spiders so why on earth would I make beaded spiders? Well, the short answer is to help overcome some of those fears. Let me tell you the legs were a challenge because they were – well very real-life spidery. But when I combined the […]

Beaded Cake Testers

by Debra Foltz. (Central Oregon USA) I started making beaded cake testers as a way to bring fun and a little bling into the kitchen. I love the different beads and designs that can be achieved. Each cake tester is wire-worked into a different pattern and hand-formed by me. The beads are chosen carefully for […]

What Kind of Ring is This?

by Mark turnbull. (Scotland) I have a silver ring stamped 626 and it has a weird design on it. I can’t find out what kind of ring it is. Could anyone help with this? Kind regards, Mark Turnbull

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