Window or Garden Art with Leftover Beads

by Patti Kubran. (Redwood Valley, Calif) With a piece of driftwood & some leftover beads, you can create something different for Spring & Summer. Just drill some holes & string some beads. Fun change of pace. Patti Kubran West Coast Jewelry Designs

Not Your Mother’s Pearls

by Liz Juneau. (Savannah, GA) I have always loved pearls – every shape, size, color and even their corresponding names – coin, petal, button, rice, etc. I had gotten away from designing with pearls as much because, let’s face it, there are a lot of beads out there! Recently, I got back to using my […]

Vintage Style Hat Pin

by Judithanne Westrope. (The Southwest) I made this from a 7″ hat pin blank and orphan beads. These are always unique, a good way to use interesting beads and sell pretty well. A drop of superglue holds the beads in place. Judithanne Westrope TheMermaidsSong (etsy)

Beaded Belt Buckle

by Marlies Bates. (Fairmont, WV United States) My first original beaded belt buckle that was planned out on graph paper and using colored pencils to create such a colorful pattern. Then, using 11/0 seed beads in the corresponding colors worked this up on a bead loom. The piece is then stitched onto leather and added […]

Spring and Summer Tree Sun Catchers

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, CA) I recently finished two more sun catchers, one for summer and the other for spring. The spring one is a cherry tree in full blossom. Quite by accident I found a new source for gem stone and glass chips. They had the perfect green for a summer tree plus […]

Spring and Autumn Sun Catchers

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, CA) I wanted to make a Summer tree sun catcher but I hit a snag trying to find a variety of transparent greens in chips. Beads are too smooth and uniform to make the irregular shapes I want. So on to the next season. Spring was much easier to make. […]

Getting Ready For the Busy Season

by Janine. (Holliston, MA) Hi guys! I hope you have had a relaxing summer! Now it’s crunch time with the holidays coming. I have been completing collections all summer. I built up my email database by having drawings at my summer events, I have built up my Instagram audience to 3,000 people and I now […]

Books! Making Miniature Book Charms for Swag Bags!

by April. (Texas, USA) Books, beads, and rocks are my favorite things. Miniature books make me giddy. BUT miniature books that can be made into jewelry is swoon-worthy! About two years ago I turned a miniature book I made into a necklace, and then made earrings to match. I really enjoy making miniature books and […]

Chunky Charms

by Joybelle Malcolm. (Marietta, GA) I enjoy making chunky charms because of their versatility. These charms may be used as purse charms, waist belt charms, auto visor charms, and even as interchangeable necklace charms. Creativity and individuality are the two difficult tasks involved because there are so many combinations. I love hearing the sounds my […]

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