Metalwork Jewelry

Gallery of handmade metalwork jewelry designs.

How I Fell in Love with Fold Forming!

by Pamela Dudrow. (In my dining room, kitchen, bedroom…! Woodsboro, MD) I’ve been making jewelry for over 15 years. Up until that time I had been very active; riding horses professionally and participating in triathlons. I was also a critical care nurse taking care of bariatric patients after their surgery in the PACU or Recovery […]

Copper Jewelry with Various Techniques

by Michael Munden. (Myrtle Beach, SC) These copper pieces are made by cutting, forming, and coloring copper. I use a metal shear, circle punches, and other cutting tools to create the shape I want. I then use shaping tools, patinas, including torches, to achieve the colors that are shown. The copper is then paired with […]

Making Rings – Going Around in Circles!

by Dianne Jacques. (Windsor, Vermont) My latest addiction is rings…and I am having a blast and more importantly, learning a lot. Rings are a great way to practice soldering joins and finish detail. I bought a great new device for the flex shaft…a split mandrel, who knew? It makes easy work of finishing the inside […]

Fold Formed Leaf – My Latest Work

by Judy Pagnusat. (Cotati, CA) This is a fold formed leaf design that I created. The materials include copper sheet, beads and chain. One of these went to a silent auction benefitting our local museum and the other went up for sale at the Artisan’s Co-op in Bodega,CA where I am a member. Judy Pagnusat […]

The Next Step – Metalsmithing

by Janine Gerade. (Holliston, MA) I have been making jewelry for a long time. So long, that it’s just what I do! I am sure you know the feeling. I have always wanted to learn metal smithing. Finally I had enough sales with my beaded jewelry that purchasing the equipment was possible. I am learning […]

Ready for Spring

by Deby Stewart. (South Florida) In south Florida we are lucky to be green all year. One of the prettiest plants is the Philodendron. It can be a small indoor potted plant or a huge, take-over-the-yard green monster. Either way the leaves each have their own individuality. Deby Stewart Flash of Silver

Chrysocolla and Copper Triangle Earrings

by Sandra Doss. (Germantown, WI) I am new to metalwork and after taking Kate Richbourg’s soldering class on Craftsy decided to cut out some copper shapes and heat patina them. I then wire wrapped a couple spirals that are soldered to the triangles (they moved a lot while soldering, lesson learned!) I loved the patina’s […]

Men’s Wide Rustic Copper Cuff

by zoraida. (Smyrna, NY) I haven’t made one of these rustic cuffs in a while. I wanted to create a wider, bolder cuff that would appeal to men in particular, so here it is. I textured it with a chasing hammer and gave it a simple clasp. There is just a little patina on it […]

Unique Metal and Wire Copper Heart Ring

by Jane. (North Carolina) Hello guys, and thank you Rena for this great website! I have had numerous inspirations just from reading articles here!! One of those inspirations being this copper heart ring. I made it after reading Rena’s rustic ring tutorial. I never was able to follow any tutorial exactly, I always think of […]

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