Metalwork Jewelry

Gallery of handmade metalwork jewelry designs.

Copper and Ocean Jasper Statement Necklace

by Diana Stiles. (Amherst, MA) I hand cut thin copper tubing into small spacers and forged heavy copper pipe, applying a natural fume patina of turquoise and brown speckle. Likewise, I used my home made patina on copper washers; using two washers and a toggle clasp allows the necklace to be worn in two lengths. […]

Autumn Leaves in Metal and Chainmaille

by Elizabeth Reid. (Rockville, MD) I cut the leaves out of copper as well as the acorn. I then did some forming and texturing and colored using some alcohol inks and liver of sulfur. I made the chainmaille necklace and “S” hook. Elizabeth Reid Becoming To You

Hammered Silver Chain Bracelet

by Darlene Weberg. (Sterling, VA, USA) Fashionable Sterling silver hoops are combined with handcrafted Argentium silver chain and secure hook closure to create this stylish bracelet. Starting from heavy gauge silver wire, the 3/4″ hoops are formed, soldered, filed and hammered. They are joined by small fused links. The rest of the bracelet is created […]

Tapping into the Universe Through Inspiration

by Sandra VanderMey. (Los Angeles) This piece is made of brass, anodized titanium, computer chips, Lucite, holography and laser disc. The brass is a single sheet with two cuts down the sides folded back to make the neck piece and a cut down the center to make the piece more flexible for wearing. This large […]

Metal Leaves of Fall

by Judy Pagnusat. These fold formed leaves are made of copper and german silver. The leaves were created and then soldered together. Judy Pagnusat JudyPag Designs/Judy’s Gems Judy Pagnusat on Facebook

Copper Fun

by Colleen. (Webster, NY) I love working with copper and other metal. The first pic is my first attempt at (I think it’s called) cold forming. Both bracelets started out as copper piping. The forming comes in steps, anneal, form with hammers, etc, anneal again for more forming. When I was satisfied with the forming, […]

Bling Your Glass Pendant

by Kim Pernia. (Maryland) I finally accomplished silversmithing that I am proud of. The torch work is acceptable, even the little silver flower over the glass stone. The work with the dremel took even longer than the torch work. I’m self-taught so I’m really proud. Kim Pernia Kimmings Jewelry

“Emerge” Necklace

by Janice Root. (Orange City, FL) I love melting silver onto copper and using my torch to form the liquefied silver into various hills and valleys. For this necklace, I punched a round copper disc using my disc cutter and then heaped and melted small scraps of silver onto it. I looked at the finished […]

Adventure in Acid Etching

by Lady Mockingbird. (Upstate NY) Acid Etching sounds scary just reading the first word, and I was definitely very hesitant to try it. But to improve as a metal smith and jewelry artist often means stretching out of one’s comfort zone, and this process was definitely a big stretch for me. I spent over a […]

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