Metalwork Jewelry

Gallery of handmade metalwork jewelry designs.

Love Life Bracelet

by Joan Williams. (Springfield, Missouri USA) This bracelet was made with a brass bracelet blank that I etched and then colored with enamel paint. The process of etching metal is fairly easy, but unpredictable (and a little messy) – which makes it so much fun! Joan Williams lilruby jewelry lilruby jewelry at Etsy shop

Abstract Blue Glass Bracelet

by Lynn. (Quebec, Qc, Canada) I made this abstract blue glass bracelet with a wealth of unique silver elements, some of which were made by me. Some are hammered, textured, patterned in various shapes and all unique. I have added a square blue foil glass bead near the center as well as two beautiful half […]

The “Must Learn” List: Etch Metal

by Joan Williams. (Springfield, MO) Every jewelry designer I know has a list of techniques they’d love to try – learning to etch metal has been at the top of mine for some time now. Recently I finally ordered some ferric chloride, pulled on some rubber gloves – and had a blast! Joan Williams lilruby […]

Hammered Hoops

by Lynda Carson. (Fresh Baked Designs – Spring Valley, CA) I’ve wanted to try this style of hoop for a while now. Today was the day. So I started with thick copper wire from the garage stash, maybe 12 gauge…flush cutting two 2 1/2 pieces. Annealed the wire with the micro-torch, so it was more […]

Astrological Jewelry Design

by Claraluz. (Dorado, Puerto Rico) In our daily life we receive vibration, light and of course the sound from the Creative Universe. This pendant was designed for a young singer of 12 years old. It represents the musical note of F. According to experts in Vedic Astrology this musical note belongs to Saturn Planet. The […]

Abstract Carnelian Necklace

by Les Bijoux Crea-Lune. (Boho Chic Gypsy Jewelry) I made this pendant with silver shaped into two different branches on the bottom with on one side a carnelian dangling gemstone bead. Above this is a beautiful oval shaped carnelian and on the other side silver beads and more carnelian gemstone beads. Above is an another […]

Titanium Tale

by Lady M aka Diana White. (Mockingbird Lane Creations) Like all of us in the hand made jewelry world, we run into customers who love jewelry, but who due to allergic reactions have difficulty with even the purest fine silver. Body modification shops have long offered non-allergenic options like niobium and titanium. So, I already […]

A Long Time Coming!

by Shelagh Blatz. (Alberta, Canada) I took a very special custom project on this year from a incredible lady who has waited 40 years for it to come along! Connie and her husband eloped in 1972; John gave Connie a simple gold band for their secret wedding & she proudly wore it every day since. […]

You Don’t Need Expensive Tools to Make Beautiful Jewelry

by Virginia Vivier. (Esprit Mystique)   Are you looking for a way to make some extra income? Do you like to create beaded jewelry? Perhaps you would rather work with precious metals, but don’t have the extra cash (or time for training) to invest in expensive metalsmithing tools? The Basic Idea You can create your […]

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