Metalwork Jewelry

Gallery of handmade metalwork jewelry designs.

Vibrant Poppy Jasper Pendant

by Sonal Karnik. (Evergreen, CO) Some stones just fill your senses with joy. Poppy jasper is a beautiful stone with vibrant red, orange and soothing beige. I have kept the setting simple to let the stone shine. Set in sterling silver, this stone is said to awaken life force, enhance courage and passion. Sonal Karnik […]

First Steps of Jewelry Making

by Steve Hand. (Wales) I am a beginner in the craft of making jewelry, as of September 2016, and already I am smitten. The pieces I have on show are mixed metal, copper, brass and 925. The techniques used are hammered, stamped, reticulated silver and patina. I welcome any feedback, hints, tips, constructive criticism. Many […]

Making a Fine Silver and Enamel Pendant

by Glenda. (England) My first try at working with fine silver and sterling silver finished with enamel. My husband and I went for three day course with a lovely tutor. l learnt to solder and fire the piece. It was my husband’s gift to me for our Ruby wedding. The back is fine silver and […]

New Metalsmithing Skills!

by Karen Watson. (Springfield, Missouri) I’ve been taking some classes in Metalsmithing. This necklace was made for one of those. It is made of sterling silver, and features a tube set CZ. I’m really enjoying the classes, and wanted to share. Karen Watson K Craft Jewelry

Wearing the Kukulkan Neckpiece

by Sandra VanderMey. (Los Angeles, CA) A few people requested seeing me wear my Kukulkan neckpiece that was recently published on the Jewelry Making Journal website so here I am wearing it! lt’s brass, lucite, laser disc, anodized titanium and computer chips. Read the story that goes with this piece because it’s very interesting. Sandra […]

Copper and Ocean Jasper Statement Necklace

by Diana Stiles. (Amherst, MA) I hand cut thin copper tubing into small spacers and forged heavy copper pipe, applying a natural fume patina of turquoise and brown speckle. Likewise, I used my home made patina on copper washers; using two washers and a toggle clasp allows the necklace to be worn in two lengths. […]

Autumn Leaves in Metal and Chainmaille

by Elizabeth Reid. (Rockville, MD) I cut the leaves out of copper as well as the acorn. I then did some forming and texturing and colored using some alcohol inks and liver of sulfur. I made the chainmaille necklace and “S” hook. Elizabeth Reid Becoming To You

Hammered Silver Chain Bracelet

by Darlene Weberg. (Sterling, VA, USA) Fashionable Sterling silver hoops are combined with handcrafted Argentium silver chain and secure hook closure to create this stylish bracelet. Starting from heavy gauge silver wire, the 3/4″ hoops are formed, soldered, filed and hammered. They are joined by small fused links. The rest of the bracelet is created […]

Tapping into the Universe Through Inspiration

by Sandra VanderMey. (Los Angeles) This piece is made of brass, anodized titanium, computer chips, Lucite, holography and laser disc. The brass is a single sheet with two cuts down the sides folded back to make the neck piece and a cut down the center to make the piece more flexible for wearing. This large […]

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