Metal Clay Jewelry

Gallery of handmade metal clay jewelry creations.

Bronze Clay Link Bracelet

by Martha Anderson. (Tennessee) Made entirely from Bronze Clay and Kiln Fired. Each link was individually formed and then all joined together with bronze paste before firing. After firing, the piece was burnished and then tumbled for maximum shine. I am enjoying learning about all metal clays. I received a programmable kiln for Christmas and […]

Wing and a Prayer

by Marnie Ehlers. (Tucson, AZ) This piece was made from sterling silver metal clay. The base and the wings were done using a hand carved texture sheet. The heart is domed and done freehand with the syringe. Marnie Ehlers Good Muse Designs Marnie is my Muse

Bronze Clay Pieces

by Kellie Rode. (Dallas, Tx) I am having fun using the bronze clay. I enjoy how during firing each piece changes, cracks, shrinks etc to make each a one-of-a-kind piece. I have clients who are collecting these pieces now and that brings me joy. Kellie Rode Kellie Rode Designs

Hope and Heart Pendant

by Marnie Ehlers. (Tucson, AZ) Hope and heart can change the world! Inspired by the quote from Mother Theresa, “If can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” This piece is created from metal clay (PMC). The background on the front was textured using seeds to represent food to end childhood hunger and the […]

Bronze Clay and Gemstone Necklaces

by Kellie Rode. (Dallas, Tx) I took a few classes on working with bronze clay. It has been such a fun way to add a dimension to my jewelry pieces. I have been making molds of old jewelry I found in my grandmother’s jewelry box she left me. I use those molds to make the […]

Heads and Tales

by Ingrid. (New Zealand) Recently I made two rings for myself. Both are made from Precious Metal Clay, the most amazing medium ever! The horses, nine all together, are individually shaped with silver lines from a syringe which are manipulated with a very fine paint brush to form the horse bodies. Once I am happy […]

Art Clay Silver Doves

by Anne Wallace. (Dundee, Scotland, UK) I made this necklace and earring set from Art Clay Silver with pink baroque pearls. I absolutely love working with silver clay especially when that shiny item appears after firing. Anne Wallace

Bronze Clay Creations

by Kellie. (Dallas, Texas USA) After making wire wrapped and other types of earrings, I branched out and took a clay class. I love wire wrapping but needed to try something new. I fell in love with the process of thick clay transforming into beautiful jewelry components that look like gold. Somehow through the firing […]

Sea Glass Wrapped in Precious Metal Clay

by Karen Simmons-Milligan. (Seven Lakes, North Carolina USA) I love recycling and when I had the chance to purchase some sea glass I knew I would want to wrap it in precious metal clay (a recycled fine silver clay). I think the result is a great blend. Bottle tops are my favorite and picture one […]

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