Jewelry Sets

Gallery of handmade jewelry set designs.

Making Waves Beadwork

by Terri Wlaschin. (Key West, FL) Sometimes it’s good to make waves. Other times, not so much. I had been thinking about making waves for a while but, well, it just looked like a lot of work. I am not adverse to that but I have to be in the right mindset and the beads […]

I Love to Share My Work When I’ve Taken Some Decent Photos

by Victoria Beasley. (San Antonio Texas) I’ve been creating and selling Jewelry for more than 15 years, though I really have not come into my own until recently! Here are a few of my pieces. My slave bracelets are sets. I have art in my background, from great uncles to my Mom, a fine oil […]

Magnificent Murano Glass Designs

by Patti Pojer. (Somers, New York) I love Murano Glass Beads. I like to “feel” the artistry and love that went into crafting each bead; the colors, the textures. It was important to me to learn how to design and craft a feminine, fluid necklace bar. I needed to find my “inspiration” and this Murano […]

Pretty in Purple – Brass, Patina & Enamel

by Geraldine Farkas. (Placerville, CA) Victorian necklace, matching cuff bracelet and earrings, made from layered brass components colored with Vintaj purple Patina. Copper enamel “stones” are made from 18 gauge copper with vitreous (glass) enamel. Geraldine Farkas Enchanted Circle

Daggers & Seed Beads

by Patt Sheldon. (El Granada, CA) Last fall I visited the Czech Republic and was able to spend a day on a private tour visiting 3 bead-making factories. I came home with about 22 lb. of beads! The royal blue dagger beads were among my finds. This set was made with Kumihimo braiding and will […]

Necklace with Superduo Beads

by Sena David. (United States) My client wanted a necklace made with the same beads that are in her bracelet. (Superduo beads have two holes instead of just one.) This is what I came up with. Sena David SCD Designs

For You to See Me Jewelry Set

by Karima. (Tripoli, Libya) This piece is derived from my loved heritage Libyan jewels. I turned it to simple to be modern. It is made from pure silver and natural red coral. Karima SEMHA

Winter Cluster Jewelry Set

by Linette Arnold. (Simsbury, CT) I love making cluster necklaces. I added a tiny bit of wire wrapping to the earrings. Cream and Winter White are so pretty together. Linette Arnold Beads by Heart

Winter Wonderland Jewelry Set with Snowflake Beads

by Linette Arnold. (Simsbury, CT) Pearls are wearable all year long, but the addition of Snowflake Beads make it a perfect choice for the whole winter season. Linette Arnold Beads by Heart

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