Gallery of handmade earring designs.

Help Me Pick a Name for This Jewelry Series!

by Dianne Culbertson-Jacques. (Windsor, Vermont) When I saw the ceramic spikes made by ScorchedEarthonEtsy I knew I had to have some! I have since ordered some stoneware bits and pieces to incorporate, but I couldn’t wait to get started and have actually already placed an order for more spikes. These are wire wrapped and have […]

Jellyfish Earrings

by Sandy Light. (Sarasota, FL) These earrings are created using shrink material. I have been working with shrink plastic and colored pencils. I love that when it shrinks it keeps all the detail of your design. I had some alcohol ink pens and combined them with my colored pencils. The jellyfish earrings look great with […]

Mustache Hoops with Matte Black Daggers

by Libby. (North Carolina) Back to school! I am loving the peace and quiet today. Knowing I would have some time today I laid out all my materials last night. These hoops were inspired by one of my cats. She was laying in my lap and as always whether asleep or awake she looks like […]

Colorful, Textural Boho Tribal Earrings

by Cherie L Somerville. (Arizona) I’ve been making big, dramatic boho tribal style earrings that are mainly silk wrapped for some time now. They have some wire wrapping, as well, but lately I’ve been trying to hit on an idea to combine some of the newer (wire wrap) techniques I’ve been working with the past […]

Enameled Heart Earrings

by Deborah Rodriguez. (Mesquite, Texas) I’d been saving these two enameled hearts to be included on a charm bracelet. Then, somewhere, I saw the color combination of red and turquoise. Suddenly my heart fluttered and I knew what I had to do! Deborah Rodriguez Debsdaydreams

Sweetheart Earrings

by Erinn LaMattery. (Japan) I wanted to get something together for Valentine’s Day 2016, but I don’t much like hearts. However, I came across a design for this wire heart on Pinterest, and decided to spice it up a bit with some gemstones woven to the hearts and make them into earrings. I wasn’t able […]

Irresistible Cobalt Blue Earrings

by Leah. (Pennsylvania) I fell in love with these cobalt blue beads and had to order them. I wire wrapped them with silver, and they made lovely earring dangles. I can wear them with much of my wardrobe, as I love blue! Leah Sunny Window Studio

Ruffled Grouse Feather Earrings with Jade

by Anastasiya. (Philadelphia) In 2015 my family and I went hunting in Northern Russia and were able to harvest some gorgeous ducks, grouse, and pheasants. Up there, hunting is a way of life and the source of food for locals, so to prevent wastefulness I saved the feathers for jewelry making. That summer I traveled […]

Rose Gold Wire Bunny Earrings

by Kelly Tibbetts. (Vero Beach, Florida) Easter is coming and spring is in the air! What better way to celebrate than a pair of cute bunnies hanging from your ear! Dainty and light weight, these bunnies are fun to wear and really capture the essence of spring. Made of rose gold artistic wire, each bunny […]

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