Gallery of handmade earring designs.

Getting to Know Enamels

by Dianne. (Windsor, Vermont) Whoa, is this ever fun! I decided I wanted to try some color along with the metal and this is a blast! I figured as long as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I would start with some hearts and do simple enamel. Now I have the bug and have ordered cloisonne […]

Earrings – Hanging Out for Love

by Dana Lea Redding. (Australia) I had some scrap wire, and decided to make these earrings. Whimsical little men hanging on a heart. I remembered the little boy fishing from the moon and thought why not do something like that with a heart? This is what I came up with. This was not one of […]

Wire Earrings in Sterling Silver and Yellow Brass

by David Kresge. (Durham, NC) I’m working with a designer/teacher and this was my second time working with silver. We worked from an online photo. She did one earring and I followed her step by step. The same applies to the yellow brass and another in sterling. David Kresge Sherman Duke Jewelry

Easy Holiday Earrings

by Naomi Flynn. (California USA) These are 2 easy to make pieces, that are also adorable. I used 18 gauge jewelry wire, heart wings, from Jewelry Tool Box (Pam) on etsy.com, plus crystals and beads from my collection, and finally earring hooks from Amazon! Naomi Flynn What A Way To Make It

Wire Wrapped Skulls

by Sandy Mills. (Tionesta, PA) My daughters love skulls! I decided to create earrings for them utilizing purchased skull beads and incorporate my new found love of wire wrapping. Perfect for Halloween or anytime you just want to be funky. Sandy Mills Tionesta Moon, Creations from the Cabin

Help Me Pick a Name for This Jewelry Series!

by Dianne Culbertson-Jacques. (Windsor, Vermont) When I saw the ceramic spikes made by ScorchedEarthonEtsy I knew I had to have some! I have since ordered some stoneware bits and pieces to incorporate, but I couldn’t wait to get started and have actually already placed an order for more spikes. These are wire wrapped and have […]

Jellyfish Earrings

by Sandy Light. (Sarasota, FL) These earrings are created using shrink material. I have been working with shrink plastic and colored pencils. I love that when it shrinks it keeps all the detail of your design. I had some alcohol ink pens and combined them with my colored pencils. The jellyfish earrings look great with […]

Mustache Hoops with Matte Black Daggers

by Libby. (North Carolina) Back to school! I am loving the peace and quiet today. Knowing I would have some time today I laid out all my materials last night. These hoops were inspired by one of my cats. She was laying in my lap and as always whether asleep or awake she looks like […]

Colorful, Textural Boho Tribal Earrings

by Cherie L Somerville. (Arizona) I’ve been making big, dramatic boho tribal style earrings that are mainly silk wrapped for some time now. They have some wire wrapping, as well, but lately I’ve been trying to hit on an idea to combine some of the newer (wire wrap) techniques I’ve been working with the past […]

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