Fall Season Shawl Pin

by Beatriz (Betty) McTiernan. (Connecticut, USA) Making knitters look beautiful by putting a little sparkle on their knitwear. My niche is making jewelry for knitters, but it really is for all women who want to look fabulous in knitwear. For this Fall, I have created a Maple Leaf shawl pin. The pin can be also […]

Native American Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Shawl Pin, Scarf Pin

by Debi Woods. (Mountains of N. Ga.) This pin is made to use with loosely woven fabrics such as shawls, sweaters, or scarves. It could also be used as a hair stick. It is made with 14 gauge copper wire, hand formed into a swirl component, with a stick pin. I added various sizes of […]

Beaded Sweater & Shawl Pins

by Christine Yuss. (Ventura, California USA) Found another way this week to use up some gemstones and beads in a pretty unique way. I saw some oversized safety pins at a hobby store that already had 3 hoops attached for dangles. So I bought a few and put my creative cap on and came up […]

Cute Kids Brooches

by Aslı. (Istanbul) I found these cute charms today at the supplies shop and I made those cutiepies as soon as I got home! I only sticked the bar pins to the charms with the silicone gun. It is very easy to make. Actually, they are not only for kids I guess, the chubby bird […]

In & Out Shawl Pin

by Miren Begoña Del Castillo Garza. (España) I made this shawl pin during my first class of metalsmithing, learning to use the saw. Days after, I thought about make a pin shawl with both parts, In & Out. I remembered your tutorials about homemade patinas and that is the final result. Miren Begoña Del Castillo […]


by Lynda Carson. (Spring Valley, California USA) In a recent metal’s class, we were given brass bullet casings and told to make a piece of jewelry. After many ideas were tried and discarded, this fibula is what I created, after drilling holes and etching the casing. My first brooche design as well. It’s made of […]

Designing New Jewelry with Odds & Ends

by Ann Widner. (United States) I’ve felt rather “in a slump” lately. In order to jump start my creativity and come up with some new ideas for my photo jewelry, I decided to give myself a challenge. I have lots of “spare parts” laying around, and I set my sights on creating some fun and […]

Victorian Pin

by Sally Vonada. (Wamego, Kansas USA) This shawl/sweater pin is my first project using aluminum wire, and I am pleased with the result. As with many of the pins I have been making, I did not draw it out first, but let the shape evolve and embellish from there. Sally Vonada Bright Ideas Jewelry Blog […]

Fab Repurposed Deco Buckle and Tintype Photo Brooch

by Ann Syphers. (Gulf Coast, Florida USA) One of my favorite items to work with and re-purpose are antique tintype photos. I find a suitable antique buckle or sash pin and then go through my extensive collection of tintypes to see which one fits the opening in the buckle or sash pin. Depending on how […]

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