Gallery of handmade bracelets.

Men’s Wide Rustic Copper Cuff

by zoraida. (Smyrna, NY) I haven’t made one of these rustic cuffs in a while. I wanted to create a wider, bolder cuff that would appeal to men in particular, so here it is. I textured it with a chasing hammer and gave it a simple clasp. There is just a little patina on it […]

Turquoise Beaded Bracelets!

by Hande. (Istanbul, Turkey) The turquoise stones always make me feel better when i wear them! This week I wanted to make colorful layered bracelets with crystals and natural turquoise stones! Actually it was my mom`s idea and i gave it a try but i guess they look georgeous! 🙂 It is very easy to […]

Stretchy Bracelets with a Blossom Center

by Kathy Zee. (My home) I made these bracelets with 9 beads wrapped on headpins for the center blossom. I used .07 stretch magic, and white faceted beads to give a summery look. You can make these with any beads that you have. Possibilities are endless for the center ‘blossom’. I will be making more […]

Magnetic and Copper Bead Capture Bracelet

by Jocelyn Goddard. (Stouffville, ON, Canada) Someone asked me which was better in therapeutic bracelets – copper or magnets? So I decided to use both of them. I combined the therapeutic qualities of both copper and magnet beads in this piece. Jocelyn Goddard Jewelry by Jocelyn Leigh

Evil Eye Macrame Bracelets

by Hande. (Istanbul, Turkey) I am really happy to share my new firuza stone evil eye bracelets. Firuze stones are getting popular these days because it is a stone of happiness. To bring happiness to people`s life, I decided to create these cute evil eyes as a wedding favors or a bridesmaids jewelry. Very meaningful! […]

Expanding My Jewelry Making Skills!

by Dianne Culbertson-Jacques. (Windsor, Vermont USA) Thanks Rena, for the great tutorial on patina! I am having so much fun that I have finally taken the plunge and purchased everything I need to begin soldering, shaping, and creating metal (copper and silver) jewelry. It is something I have been curious about for a long time […]

Encouragement Bracelet

by Sheila Meador. (Charlotte, North Carolina USA) My sister took care of her ailing husband until he passed away of ALS 4 years ago. Two years ago, she discovered she has heart disease which runs in our family. She had triple bypass surgery and still isn’t very strong. She gets depressed and has episodes of […]

Vintage Swarovski Clasp Dilemma

by Malone Guthrie. (Clark, Near Steamboat Springs Colorado USA) I was lucky enough to find three different gorgeous vintage Swarovski magnetic clasps. I had them for months and just could not find a way to use them. The clasps had a slot on one side and two drilled holes on the other. I came up […]

I Went On A Metal Etching Spree

by Jan C Aynes. (Phoenix, Arizona USA) I made several base metal cuffs from brass, bronze and copper 16g 6″ x 12″ sheets, cut them down, printed patterns on PnP Blue, ironed onto metals of choice, added different patinas, cleaned them up, filed the edges, hammered the shapes, applied clear coat. This was my first […]

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