Gallery of handmade bracelets.

Prehnite Cuff

by Kristene Gonzales. (Draper, Utah, USA) Done with a pretty simple wire wrap for the fact that I was going to use this to teach a class, and had to come up with a piece that was pretty but still easy enough for beginners. I like how it turned out though. I like the Prehnite […]

Dragonfly Bracelet

by Catherine Smith. (Oklahoma) I love working with seed beads, and I love delicate and simple jewelry. The metal dragonflies remind me of my sister and I when we would lay out in the summer, a dragonfly would always land on her toes. The colors remind me of the dragonflies. Catherine Smith

Floss Wrapped Leather Bracelet

by Chris Rehkop. (Ashland, MO) I recently saw a ‘how to’ video using ball chain and stringing material to wrap a bracelet. I tried this using embroidery floss, and wrapped it over tiny ball chain on top of a 5mm black and silver leather bracelet. I’m pleased with the geometric look of the finished bracelet, […]

First Trial with Silver Wire

by Ilse. (Denderleeuw, Belgium) These are my first trial with silver wire and natural stones and glass beads. Ilse

Seed Bead Wrap Bracelets

by Jessica. (Nyack NY) I used to make memory wire wraps, but I wanted a change. I stilled loved the wrapped look, but didn’t like the stiffness of the memory wire. I thought maybe I can string the seed beads on jewelry wire and combine it with leather. I used the leather with a Swarovski […]

Pearls and More Pearls

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, CA) I recently went through my stash and found I have pearls, pearls and more pearls! Apparently I’m trying to corner the market on pearls…? Time to do something with some of the pearls. So I’ve been busy the last three or four weeks making cuffs using some of the […]

Memory Wire Bracelets

by Natasha Burger. (Lacombe, Alberta, Canada) Memory wire to the rescue!!! I’ve only ever made custom bracelets as I worried they wouldn’t fit otherwise. And many of my customers prefer easy clasps and I couldn’t decide on a clasp that was easy AND secure. Memory wire to the rescue! Using the large bracelet size wire […]

Turquoise Bohemian Leather Bracelets

by carmen alonso. (New York) Turquoise is my new favorite color and it shows in these rustic leather boho cuff bracelets. The Summer is coming and this is a great accessory for some night time fun or how about a hoe down with these beauties? They would go great with some cowboy boots, hat and […]

Men’s Wide Rustic Copper Cuff

by zoraida. (Smyrna, NY) I haven’t made one of these rustic cuffs in a while. I wanted to create a wider, bolder cuff that would appeal to men in particular, so here it is. I textured it with a chasing hammer and gave it a simple clasp. There is just a little patina on it […]

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