Jewelry Gallery

Gallery of handmade jewelry creations.

Aluminum Leather Bracelet

by Patrick P. (State Collge, PA) Forged aluminum clasp, found flange with aluminum tube rivet. Aluminum riveted forged curled-clasp with a hand forged, aluminum riveted clasp bar. Aluminum is a soft (which I knew) metal, so two of the rivets spread-out a few millimeters. This is the first time I made a clasp that was […]

Memory Wire Hoop Earrings

by Kathy Zee. (Fiddletown, CA) I love making earrings! I found memory wire makes a great hoop that are light weight, and easy to make. Here are several ideas and different looks using memory wire. Using seed beads in different colors, I added different elements to each earring to create a different look. Also my […]

Not Your Mother’s Pearls

by Liz Juneau. (Savannah, GA) I have always loved pearls – every shape, size, color and even their corresponding names – coin, petal, button, rice, etc. I had gotten away from designing with pearls as much because, let’s face it, there are a lot of beads out there! Recently, I got back to using my […]

Chevron Necklace

by Jeanne. (Waukesha, WI) Looking for inspiration I recently found an old, copper, solid, chevron piece that I had in my miscellaneous stash container. I believe it was a single, left over earring from who knows where. I thought about how I could use this shape with wire and began the experimenting phase with pipe […]

“The Forrest” Onyx Agate and Copper Necklace

by Kristene Gonzales. (Draper, Utah, United States) I got this onyx agate with these gorgeous greens that inspired me to make this piece. I live by the Wasatch mountains and am constantly in the outdoors. This necklace is named “The Forrest” and I created it around this stone with a reflection of nature in mind. […]

Simple Twisted Macrame Wraps and Owl

by Naomi Flynn. (United States) This one is incredibly easy to make. It’s a simple weave that can be used in many different pieces. You do not have to put it on any permanent setting. Naomi Flynn What A Way To Make It

Wire Shamrocks!

by Erinn LaMattery. (Japan) Back in January I started playing around with my wire to make some shamrocks. After maybe half an hour of wasted materials, I finally found a way to shape them that was easy for me and they turned out pretty sweet! (I always start with cheap aluminum wire before moving into […]

Enameled Earrings

by Dianne. (Vermont) I have become enamored with enamel! Here are some Springtime earrings I put together on a snowy day in Vermont. First, I cut the discs from 20 gauge copper sheet. After the edges were filed smooth, I drilled the holes and gave the discs a dome. I put a couple coats of […]

Seascape Dreams Jewelry

by Alla P. (United States) When I think of summer it always brings images of sandy beach, turquoise water, sun and shells to my mind. On a February Jersey evening these thoughts help to keep me warm 🙂 And here are some sea inspired pieces I came up with. Alla P.

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