Jewelry Displays

Jewelry displays for shows. The best jewelry displays for photographing your handmade jewelry. .

Jewelry in a Can!

by Kari Anderson. (Muscatine, IA, USA)   Jewelry in a can is a nifty way to not only mail jewelry, but it also gives the receiver a lovely reusable container which will remind your customer/friend of your business in the days to come. Ever since my daughter, Anna, brought home the new can opener, I […]

Packaging Jewelry with a Poem

by Rena Klingenberg. (Jewelry Making Journal) I think this is such a lovely idea for a special jewelry gift! You could have a variety of poems or snippets of verse printed on pretty paper notes, and let your customers choose one to include in their jewelry packaging when they’re purchasing a gift. And be sure […]

Using Buttons for Earring Packaging

by Rena Klingenberg. (Jewelry Making Journal) Buttons can be a fun item for earring packaging. They can serve as a sort of “earring card” if you put the earwires or posts through the button’s holes. Using buttons this way can also keep a pair of earrings nicely rounded up during travel or shipping (earrings love […]

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