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Jewelry displays for shows. The best jewelry displays for photographing your handmade jewelry. .

Product that Prevents Jewelry from Tarnishing?

by Danielle. (Las Vegas) I have a jewelry obsession and I’m finally going to ask a question I’ve wanted to for 20 years. I’ve recently been making jewelry and I figure there would be no one better to ask than you. Is there a product that will prevent jewelry from tarnishing? I’ve tried to avoid […]

Valentine Earring Trio

by Chris Rehkop. (Ashland, MO) I’ve been tossing around various ideas to display my jewelry art for Valentine’s Day. I purchased two dollar store picture frames, removed the glass and replaced it with lace. It allows me to hang several pair of earrings through the lace for display. These are just a few examples of […]

Origami Rose Boxes for Jewelry

by Dana C Smith. (Ocean City, MD) I have made a ton of these rose boxes; and they have been nearly as well-received as their contents! I intend to use this packaging for my creations – these are my creations too!-in 2016, and I am also selling them online. I use linen-textured matte heavy cardstock […]

Christmas Gift Packaging for Jewelry

by Linda Finnie. (Nova Scotia, Canada) I wanted to make Christmas special with some unusual gift packaging. I searched long and hard on the internet for boxes, wrapping and something a little bit different… then on Rena’s website (where I should have looked in the first place) I found the perfect idea. I had seen […]

Holiday Jewelry Display – First Time in Public

by Chris Rehkop. (Ashland, MO) I’m a long way from being ready to do a craft show, but I now have some of my pieces in the public eye for sale (Yay!). A local shop (“Mayberry Acres”) in my town agreed to take 10 pieces to sell, and they sold 2 pieces the 1st week. […]

My Jewelry Booth Display: A Work in Progress

by Joan. (Poway, California USA) Every Saturday, when I setup my jewelry booth display I do something different. I’m still not completely happy with it. Sometimes I have a 10 ft. + space. I’m considering adding a box or something to place my forms on, or add a shelf. I don’t like just laying my […]

Booth Setup: Come In or Keep Out?

by Linda Tenney. (Palm Harbor, Florida USA) I was curious what other vendors’ opinions are on having your booth set up either so shoppers can step in and look around or if your tables define the perimeter and shoppers browse from outside. I have a 10’x10′ white tent and have done about 8 shows with […]

Tackling the Bracelet Display Dilemma

by Susan Anderson. One of the problems I have noticed at recent art shows is that of displaying bracelets so they are attractive as well as easy to grab so they can be tried on or looked at more closely. I have been using the typical bracelet T bar display stands. They definitely make an […]

Jewelry Displays for Gallery Showing

by Susan Anderson. I am currently showing my mixed media artwork and jewelry for the month at a local gallery. Hanging wall art is easy, but displaying jewelry presented some challenges. For the show, a few different types of displays were needed- wall, shelf and table, all done in an earthy tone to match the […]

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