Packaging Jewelry

Ideas for packaging jewelry in unique, creative and inexpensive ways.

Wine Charms – How to Display and Package

by Kathy Zee. (Fiddletown, CA) How to display my wine charms was a puzzle to me. I went into my MS Word program and found this black and white border design in their wedding section. I deleted their text and put my name at the bottom. Then printed these out on white cardstock. It makes […]

Are Kraft Boxes Sturdy Enough for Shipping and Storing Jewelry?

by N.B. Hello JMJ family, recently I regained the desire to start crafting jewelry again. I am also thinking of selling it; and I was curious about packaging. I read the post about packaging and branding and I noticed many of you use the Kraft box jewelry packaging and were very creative with them. My […]

Origami Rose Boxes for Jewelry

by Dana C Smith. (Ocean City, MD) I have made a ton of these rose boxes; and they have been nearly as well-received as their contents! I intend to use this packaging for my creations – these are my creations too!-in 2016, and I am also selling them online. I use linen-textured matte heavy cardstock […]

Christmas Gift Packaging for Jewelry

by Linda Finnie. (Nova Scotia, Canada) I wanted to make Christmas special with some unusual gift packaging. I searched long and hard on the internet for boxes, wrapping and something a little bit different… then on Rena’s website (where I should have looked in the first place) I found the perfect idea. I had seen […]

My Handcrafted Jewelry Packaging

by Sarah Kelleher. (Arkansas USA) I make my own gift boxes and earring cards. The boxes and cards start from the brown paper bag colored card stock. I cut the paper down and I use die cuts to cut the butterflies out of turquoise cardstock. Use double sided tape to hold them all together. My […]

Branding Your Jewelry Through Packaging

by Susan Anderson. Packaging provides me with an additional means to brand my jewelry. My goal is to make the packaging look appealing, while consistent with my style and to give them a way to contact me later. My jewelry is earthy so I selected a tone to keep with that imaging. I created tags […]

Packaging With A Narrative

by Glenda Munguia. (Humble, Texas USA) After reading the collaborative project of Boats with Gossamer Waves by Robert Dancik and Seth Lee Savarick in the book Polymer Clay Master Class; I was inspired by Robert’s idea of writing a narrative for the project they had done, and how it had helped Seth keep a vision […]

Packaging to Impress

by Sabrina Maurer. (Brinkley, Arkansas USA) Packaging is one way to stand out above the rest. A simple cone shape made out of cardstock and some tissue paper with my logo attached was a super hit with the customers. For smaller projects, I used a template and cut out a triangular box, tied it closed […]

Packaging, Perks & Thanking

by Tara Myers. (Belton, South Carolina) I am very appreciative of my customers and use address labels on my different size zip lock baggies to tell them. The baggies are for keeping the jewelry nice and airtight. I use this as an opportunity to thank customers and to also give them my contact information and […]

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