Other Jewelry Displays

Other jewelry displays using creativity, precious finds, or even household items to make stunning jewelry displays.

Display Cases for Jewelry – Made from Art Supply Cases

by Debbie Dougherty. Having artsy kids, we have several wooden artist supply sets around the house. These make great display cases for jewelry that are easy to set up and pack up. Since my kids never actually keep their art supplies in the lovely wooden cases, emptying one out for my purpose was no problem. […]

Driftwood Jewelry Display

by Debbie Dougherty. I am fortunate to live in a coastal area where I can find beautiful driftwood. It also goes well with my nature inspired and branch jewelry theme. I have attached little hooks on the backs of my two driftwood displays to keep my necklaces from sliding off. A beautiful piece of wood, […]

Curio Cabinet Jewelry Display

by Maria Jenny. (Lago Vista, TX) Before the Christmas holiday, I held an at home jewelry party for a few friends. It was very successful. I used a number of ideas that have been shared in this forum. You will see that I displayed all my jewelry in my curio cabinet. It was a perfect […]

Ring Display Mini-Trunk

by Laura K. (Up in the Clouds) To round up her ring collection, Laura bought a Paris-themed metal mini-trunk and a long strip of peach-colored felt. She folded the felt like an accordion and packed it tightly into the mini-trunk. The dips between the folds are perfect for holding a ring shank, gently but snugly. […]

Photo Holder Jewelry Stands

by Rena Klingenberg. Photo holders with a wire spiral can make wonderful jewelry stands. Jewelry artist Janis Robinson incorporates her love of dance into every aspect of her displays and packaging. She says, “For creative displays, I like to use these delightful photo holders that I found. They are inexpensive and interesting.” You might find […]

DIY Long Earrings and Necklace Display

by Kharisma Sommers. (Quincy, IL, USA) I’ve been selling my jewelry online since late 2008 under the name Popnicute, and I’m currently trying to aim for local market and craft shows. I just got an offer from a local gift shop to display my jewelry there so here I am in need for jewelry displays. […]

The Rock!

by Christina Miles. (Vacaville Ca) I recently went to a rock store in our area and fell in love with all the beautiful rocks. There was one that struck my eye and I just had to have it. It’s not real big, but it definitely has its use. I love unique stuff and this was […]

Goodwill Brings Goodwill

by Gloria Sprague. (Spokane, WA) Just starting out selling my jewelry publicly, I didn’t want to spend too much on display items and I wanted something different as well. So off I go to Goodwill I and found several items I could use. I loved the tall white cat and use him to drape necklaces […]

The Quickest Pendant Display

by Carolina González. (My Little Magick Shop) This super quick pendant display is made with a base of a thick but light cardboard + foam material that is used commonly on scale models – my best friend is an architect and I got some spare pieces from her. (Sorry but I don’t know the English […]

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