Other Jewelry Displays

Other jewelry displays using creativity, precious finds, or even household items to make stunning jewelry displays.

Unique Jewelry Display

by Ryann. (Chester County, Pa) I wasn’t really looking or in need of anything new for my display when I found these 2 pieces practically on my doorstep. There is a card shop across the street from my house that also sells yard sale/antique market items on their sidewalk. One Saturday I was walking by […]

Umbrellas Are Not Just for When it Rains

by Carla Volante. (Scotland) Hi there. I saw a fab idea for an earring display the other week whilst on a short trip to Bologna in Italy though sadly I have no photo to show you what I mean so hopefully you will get the gist of the idea so as to imagine what it […]

Trunk Display

by Rachel Vanatta Noyes. (Anna Maria, Florida USA) Nectar Jewelry was begun by designer Rachel Vanatta Noyes in 2003 after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design. With a focus in fabrication, casting, precious metals, and unique jewelry techniques, eventually the website was launched, which has led to accounts in boutiques and galleries in […]

Tri-fold Screen Jewelry Display

by Sally V. (Wamego, KS) I purchased this screen at Hobby Lobby (with a coupon to save $$!). I made earring display cards with scrapbooking paper (purchased in multi-colored strips pre-cut the width of the card, also from Hobby Lobby), and I have added colorful detail to many of them with peel & stick scrapbooking […]

Tiara Display Idea

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved. Here’s an enchanting tiara display idea from Karla of Thyme2Dream. A plain, inexpensive styrofoam wig display stand is magically transfomed with a simple scarf or bit of fabric into a lovely lady of Avalon, Lothlorien, or a long ago realm. Karla says, “the styrofoam head was purchased on […]

Windproof Jewelry Displays

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved. You’ll need windproof jewelry displays when you do outdoor shows. Otherwise you may spend much of the show struggling to keep your inventory and booth components from blowing over or flying away. It only takes a slight breeze to make lightweight things blow over inside your booth, and […]

Toot Your Flute

by Kathy McChesney. (Hagaman,NY) I was commissioned to turn this flute into a necklace by a wonderful percussionist.I used the colors that were on her blouse she was wearing.I emailed her a picture of the flute once it was done to see if she was satisfied,I used a vase from a a garage sale as […]

Natural Necklace Display

by Ryann Thompson. (Chester County, Pa) My jewelry display is always evolving. I wanted my stand to compliment the style of my jewelry without spending a ton of money, all while keeping in mind that my display will grow – so I want to easily add matching or complementary pieces later. I didn’t want to […]

Display Cases for Jewelry – Made from Art Supply Cases

by Debbie Dougherty. Having artsy kids, we have several wooden artist supply sets around the house. These make great display cases for jewelry that are easy to set up and pack up. Since my kids never actually keep their art supplies in the lovely wooden cases, emptying one out for my purpose was no problem. […]

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