Other Jewelry Displays

Other jewelry displays using creativity, precious finds, or even household items to make stunning jewelry displays.

Vintage Barn Sale – 1st Time Jewelry Vendor

by Chris Rehkop. (Ashland, MO) Well I did it – I committed to my 1st public sale of my creations! Several weeks ago I was asked to be a jewelry vendor (1 of 2) at a new event, a ‘vintage barn sale.’ This was a very rural location; we had 11 vendors selling country collectibles, […]

Portable Display Case

by Jean BH. (Carriacou, Grenada) Living in Carriacou, Grenada, it is difficult to just go out and buy pre-made carrying cases or items necessary to set up a great jewelry display. With so many festivals and carnivals (these people love to party) every few months, I needed something easy to carry from festival to festival. […]

Ultra Tiny Display Scramble

by Lady Mockingbird. (Upstate New York USA) Near the beginning of May 2013 I got a surprise phone call from the president of our local public library’s board. She’d purchased one of my pendants (made in 2009) a few years ago when I was still doing outdoor shows. And she started the call by saying […]

Overcrowding A Display Table

by Dawn Hook. (Spalding, Lincolnshire, England) I have attended several Craft Fairs recently, however, I dont seem to sell much at these events, I have realised that I am cramming so much onto my table that it is impossible for anything to stand out. My question is, how do I choose which pieces to take? […]

Colors for Wedding Jewelry Display Stands

by Carol. Hi I’m Carol in N. Ireland and I would like to ask for some opinions on whether bridal jewellery looks best displayed on cream or black busts. I make my wedding jewellery mainly from Swarovski crystals and pearls and need to decide on a display system for my small studio, which I will […]

Jewelry Party Displays in a Small Apartment

by Nancy. How can I display my jewelry at a jewelry party in a small apartment? I found someone who wants to host a party, but she doesn’t have any space for me to set up a table. So I’ll have to do a different kind of display. Can you recommend a way to show […]

Inspired by The Pendant Tree

by Nancy. (San Diego, California USA) In a previous newsletter issue there was a story by Wanda Anderson about the pendant “tree” display she made. When I read the story I thought it was a novel idea with unlimited potential. I decided to use the idea to make an earring display for home parties. Mine […]

Show and Tell Jewelry Display for a Craft Show

by Mary Oberg. (Kewanee, Illinois, USA) I would like to thank Rena and all the wonderful comments I have reaped from this site. I wanted to share my most recent jewelry display that I did for a craft show . Even though it was a Christmas Bazaar, people were still looking for Fall colors. I […]

Brooch Display

by Jane. (Mamie Jane’s) This clever brooch display was created by Jane Edwards, when she needed a way to display her brooch collection. She repurposes things she finds at flea markets and antique malls and has an eye for creating artistic, shabby-chic treasures from her stash. For this project she had two balls of crochet […]

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