Black Necklace Display Makes Opalite Glow

by Rena Klingenberg. A black velvet necklace display easel makes an awesome backdrop for large opalite pendants on black rubber cords. Opalite is a translucent milky glass with interesting color-change properties. (It’s also sometimes known as “sea opal glass”.) When you put it against a dark background, it almost looks like it’s glowing – and […]

Bottle Cap Necklace Display Trees

by Paula. (W.F IL) My bottle cap necklace holder came about because I make Bottle Cap Necklaces. I used soda bottles and filled them with gems, rhinestones, sequins, glitter. I use wire to hang necklaces off of. I’ve seen a necklace display that was a tree, so instead of a tree I basically made the […]

A Two Toned Up Cycled Jewelry Display

by Crystal Williams. (Chicago, Ill USA) This jewelry bust display was designed from a cardboard box and left over fabric pieces. I took a black sharpie marker and drew the pattern, cut the piece out, and glued the fabrics of my choice on both sides of the board, very easy, however, you want make sure […]

Mod Podge Necklace Stand

by Kara Rodgerson. (Mine for the Making)   This simple, inexpensive necklace stand was easy to embellish into a fancy jewelry display.     It started out as a plain, cardboard silhouette necklace stand from JoAnn craft store.   But with a little spray paint, some cool scrapbooking paper, and Mod Podge it became a […]

Moonstones And Opals

by Twiggy. (Vancouver WA) This piece is made with rainbow moonstone 6mm rounds, black onyx square donuts, amazonite orbs, pink opals in various shapes and sizes, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver findings. It really glows in the right light and the geometrics makes this a fun piece! This is using a light box I created […]

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