Frame It!

by Judith Rudolph. (Thomaston, Maine) When my local library asked me to sell my jewelry at their Christmas Fair, I agreed because I wanted to support them. But since I don’t normally do craft fairs, I didn’t have any table displays and didn’t want to spend a lot of money to buy them. I sell […]

Green Leaves on a Velvet Necklace Display

by Beril. (Turkey) The display idea is not so much unusual nor a new idea. I couldn’t resist to nice words of Rena. Thank you so much for chance. Also I have a display tip – “velvet”. Velvet covered displays absorbs the necklace colours. So the necklace can sparkle with its colour. Comments: Green is […]

Shadow Box with Mannequin Torso Display

by Rina Ward. (Auckland, New Zealand) If you sell vintage inspired jewelry you can evoke old world charm in your display by wrapping a craft mannequin torso with muslin fabric and propping it inside a shadow box (made from an old ornate picture frame). Pile and layer your necklaces and you’ll certainly garner some attention! […]

Imperial Jasper Necklace Display

by Pauline Salvucci. (Maine) I decided to drape this 39″ imperial jasper necklace to give it a pop of punch. I think that sometimes not seeing an entire piece raises the curiosity factor of the viewer, which results in spending more time viewing various photos of the piece. Since the stones are so large 1 […]

Necklace Display Cabinet Project

by Donna Philcox. I bought a wooden curio cabinet (no doors) that had 12 open spaces. I cut a strip of cardboard the width and height of the space, and covered it with white felt. I glued it to the sides, allowing some small space at the top to arrange the necklaces. I also cut […]

Metal Mannequin Display

by Melissa Evans. I get tons of compliments on these two metal mannequins I picked up from a furniture store. I put them at the front of my tables when I have shows and use them to take pictures and for home parties as well. I have actually had a few people asking me if […]

Movie Star Necklace Display

by Jane Jennings. My necklace display idea was inspired by Carolina Gonzalez, who made necklace displays from cardboard cut-outs of ladies in 19th century paintings. I made my near-life-sized cutouts (chest up) with photos of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. I made them out of poster board, with the photos from the web […]

Mobile Shadow Box Display

by Joan V. Parker. (Rochester, NY) I have been crafting jewelry for several years now, and I must say the hardest part for me has been finding appropriate displays to best highlight my jewelry. After several tries at different displays, I have finally come up with a necklace display that I feel is terrific. It […]

Make a Cheap Necklace Display

by Rebecca Compton. Here’s a cheap necklace display you can easily make from things you probably have around the house.   While looking for cheap necklace displays to use for my next craft fair, it occurred to me that I should just try something with the random supplies that I already have. First, I cut […]

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