Chris’ Version of Happy Mannequin Necklace Display

by Chris. (Loch, Vic, Australia) Hi everyone, First of all I want to say how much I love this website. I have learnt so much, thank you. It’s just great. I want to show you all a picture of my happy mannequins necklace displays I made today. I used to make peekaboo dolls and I […]

Diva Displays

by Anna. (North Texas, USA) Inspired by the artistic mannequin Carolina Gonzalez made, I made a version for myself. I drew shapes and faces with pastels, cut the cardboard to match the figure, glued and added a kickstand in the back. I also covered the backs with decorative paper to make the mannequin appealing from […]

Using Vases as Necklace Displays

by Debbie Dougherty. (Earthly Expressions) I realized recently that I wanted to have more jewelry heads in my display to highlight each piece. But I was concerned with the cost, as well as dealing the wind issue (a constant problem doing shows at the beach). So I took some large vases that had a similar […]

DIY Display Stand for Rosary Beads

by Mary Varilly. (Dublin, Ireland) This rosary display stand is my version of using hardware store supplies to create a fit-for-purpose and good-looking display stand for my rosary beads, based on Beth Millner’s jewelry display racks. It’s made with half-inch copper piping. I’ve used clear shower curtain rings to hang the beads on. This display […]

Real-Time Display

by Yolanda Scott-Allen. (Compton, CA USA) I purchased this necklace and earring display from a jewelry supply company. It works great to photograph your jewelry for websites or catalog. Yolanda Scott-Allen Comments: Sophisticated and stylish by: Rena Very elegant, Yolanda – you’re right, it’s a perfect display for photographing your work. Also, I must say […]

Ready-Made Necklace Display

by Susie O’Brien. (Philadelphia PA) I like to browse fabric stores for things I can use to display my jewelry at craft fairs. I found this wooden sewing thread holder that works well as a jewelry display. Customers are able to handle the jewelry without the unit falling over because the legs at the back […]

Picture Frame Displays

by Irene Rossi. (Sherborn,MA) I buy wooden picture frames from the Dollar Store.(Be sure to get the kind that have an easel on the back so they’ll stand up) I then gently pound clear push pins into the top of wooden frame when it is in the horizontal position. I hang my pendants from the […]

From Candle Holder to Necklace Holder

by Stacy. (She’s{kinda}Crafty)   When Stacy found an interesting candle holder on clearance at Target, she foresaw a much more interesting future for it. So she took it home, gave it a coat of pretty spray paint called “blue ocean breeze” – and turned the candle holder into a necklace holder. Necklaces hang from the […]

Frame It!

by Judith Rudolph. (Thomaston, Maine) When my local library asked me to sell my jewelry at their Christmas Fair, I agreed because I wanted to support them. But since I don’t normally do craft fairs, I didn’t have any table displays and didn’t want to spend a lot of money to buy them. I sell […]

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