Chris’ Version of Happy Mannequin Necklace Display

by Chris. (Loch, Vic, Australia) Hi everyone, First of all I want to say how much I love this website. I have learnt so much, thank you. It’s just great. I want to show you all a picture of my happy mannequins necklace displays I made today. I used to make peekaboo dolls and I […]

Diva Displays

by Anna. (North Texas, USA) Inspired by the artistic mannequin Carolina Gonzalez made, I made a version for myself. I drew shapes and faces with pastels, cut the cardboard to match the figure, glued and added a kickstand in the back. I also covered the backs with decorative paper to make the mannequin appealing from […]

Using Vases as Necklace Displays

by Debbie Dougherty. (Earthly Expressions) I realized recently that I wanted to have more jewelry heads in my display to highlight each piece. But I was concerned with the cost, as well as dealing the wind issue (a constant problem doing shows at the beach). So I took some large vases that had a similar […]

DIY Display Stand for Rosary Beads

by Mary Varilly. (Dublin, Ireland) This rosary display stand is my version of using hardware store supplies to create a fit-for-purpose and good-looking display stand for my rosary beads, based on Beth Millner’s jewelry display racks. It’s made with half-inch copper piping. I’ve used clear shower curtain rings to hang the beads on. This display […]

Real-Time Display

by Yolanda Scott-Allen. (Compton, CA USA) I purchased this necklace and earring display from a jewelry supply company. It works great to photograph your jewelry for websites or catalog. Yolanda Scott-Allen Comments: Sophisticated and stylish by: Rena Very elegant, Yolanda – you’re right, it’s a perfect display for photographing your work. Also, I must say […]

Ready-Made Necklace Display

by Susie O’Brien. (Philadelphia PA) I like to browse fabric stores for things I can use to display my jewelry at craft fairs. I found this wooden sewing thread holder that works well as a jewelry display. Customers are able to handle the jewelry without the unit falling over because the legs at the back […]

Picture Frame Displays

by Irene Rossi. (Sherborn,MA) I buy wooden picture frames from the Dollar Store.(Be sure to get the kind that have an easel on the back so they’ll stand up) I then gently pound clear push pins into the top of wooden frame when it is in the horizontal position. I hang my pendants from the […]

Frame It!

by Judith Rudolph. (Thomaston, Maine) When my local library asked me to sell my jewelry at their Christmas Fair, I agreed because I wanted to support them. But since I don’t normally do craft fairs, I didn’t have any table displays and didn’t want to spend a lot of money to buy them. I sell […]

The Perfect Necklace Holder

by Linda Harrison. (Nampa Idaho, US) How to Make This Easy Necklace Holder / Hanger: You take cardstock in pretty colors or designs (whatever suits your design or display) and cut it in 4″x2″ strips. You can take your cardstock to Office Depot or Office Max or any store like that, and they will cut […]

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