Jewelry Display from the Desert

by Denise. (Tucson, AZ) I found some old wooden planks in the desert one day and fell in love with the roughness of it. I bought some knobs and hooks and attached them to the wood. Easy peazy! Denise Jewelreplay on Facebook

My Shop Girls

by Debra Procter. (Brantford, Ontario, Canada) I originally created my ‘Luna Ladies’ when I had a little shop and now use them at craft shows or to display my pieces in other shops that carry my work. The heads are styrofoam that I covered with tissue paper. Then I hand painted the hair and faces; […]

Homemade Busts

by Pauline. (New Zealand) I was preparing some jewelry for a local art exhibition for last Easter, but I hadn’t been happy with the previous way my work had been displayed. This time I was very excited to find through Pinterest, a diagram for making cardboard busts. Unfortunately the website didn’t give suitable dimensions to […]

Need a Budget-Friendly Display for Knotted Pearls

by Autumn Boutcher. (United States) I’ve found some really good tips and tricks on JMJ for displays and booths. Thanks everyone! I’ll be doing at least one show in November (maybe two). My problem is that I have knotted pearl and gemstone necklaces. I need a way to display them without risking the integrity of […]

Paper Mache Jewelry Bust

by Beth Bernard. (Louisiana USA) This is the first of 4 paper mache jewelry busts I made. Not wanting to spend a lot of money on commercially made jewelry busts, I decided to make my own. After throwing a few ideas around, i finally decided to use orange juice cartons as a base. This bust […]

Multiple Strand Necklace Display

by Dolores j Stone. (North Palm Beach, Fl) Hi Rena, I long ago gave up artistic displays, have tried various methods (some pretty good) but I’m fascinated by your compact, professional set-up. However, I didn’t see how you showed multiple strands. My head is swimming but you’ve set a perfect example for me to use. […]

Ideas for Necklace Displays

by Rena Klingenberg. The way you display necklaces can be as trendy and unusual, or as elegant and classical, as the jewelry itself. If you’re deciding what kind of necklace displays you want, take some time to consider the rest of your jewelry display, and the style, length, and number of items you want to […]

Make a Necklace Display: A Cheap & Easy Way to Create A Great Looking Necklace Bust

by Bea Graansma. I made this necklace display that can be used for showing your work at jewelry shows and parties. It’s also a great prop for photographing your jewelry. This necklace bust is very inexpensive, and takes less than an hour to make: Trace the pattern shown in Figure 2 onto a piece of […]

Need Display Ideas for Chokers

by Cindy. (Amherst, Virginia, USA) I’m just starting to make some of my chain mail designs as chokers, but don’t know how to display them. Are there busts out there specifically for chokers? Is there an EASY way to make one so that the customer would know the necklace is actually a choker, without having […]

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