Bad Cat Jewelry Mini Cards

by ME. (badcatjewelry) I am using these: from overnightprints. I uploaded my business card design, cropped it, and bought these. They match everything, I use a hole punch and slip the tag onto bracelets or necklaces. ME Bad Cat Jewelry at Etsy Take a minute to check out ME’s Bad Cat Jewelry business cards […]

Make Jewelry Tags from Business Cards

© by Pamela Vale; all rights reserved. You can make jewelry tags from business cards that you have printed online, for an impressively professional look.   Pamela Vale designs her tags using the business card creation feature on the online printing company’s website. It’s easy, and she can even upload her own images to use […]

Making Large Jewelry Tags Fun and Eye Catching

by Delia Stone. ( A gallery that sells my jewelry recently asked all of the 2D artists to change their tagging system to add more information. The tag had to be large enough to include * my full name * my inventory code * the materials * the price * the ring size. I was […]

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