Make Jewelry Hang Tags from Business Cards

by Pamela Vale. You can make jewelry hang tags and earring cards from your business cards for a professional, economical, creative look. Here are two examples of tags printed “2 up” on business cards and cut apart: When I started my jewelry business, homemade tags printed off of my computer were a great option. They […]

Jewerly Tags Tutorial

by Whitney Dunn. (Stafford, Virginia USA) This idea was given to me by my mother-in-law (she is very very crafty). So thanks to her I have this idea to share… I will share all of my pros and cons as well about this… bear with me, this is my first #DIY blog post. What you […]

Make Small Folded Jewelry Gift Tags from Christmas Cards

by Rena Klingenberg. In this easy project, we’re going to cut out pictures from Christmas cards, and turn them into little jewelry-size folded gift tags. I’ll show you how I made little gift tags from three different Christmas cards. Supplies: A variety of Christmas cards (preferably used ones – this is a great way to […]

Golden–Cuz it is Erasable

by Pat Barden. (Chatham, NY) These tags are the best–I bought them from Firemountain. Pen does not work well on them, fine by me as I prefer pencil when I write. The best thing though, when you erase the pencil it is totally gone. One cannot tell it has been erased–so no more tossing out […]

Return Address Sticker Label as Jewelry Tag

by kakalina’s. (hawaii) Same with most jewelers here, I experimented with using card stock for my earring cards and jewelry tags, but I don’t want to use my printer for all label packaging. My solution was to use that little return address label which I can customize and buy cheap online. But instead of my […]

Jewelry Display Cards

by Jeff Tullock. I have been doing jewelry and craft shows now for about 8 years, and one thing I have struggled with for this entire time is the big three challenges. The Three Challenges: how to make my booth look professional, how to make my booth functional, and how to cut back on setup […]

More Grommeted Jewelry Card Ideas…

by Lady Mockingbird. (Henderson, NY) About a year ago, while visiting the ‘oh so evil’ Michael’s crafts, I saw in the $1 bins some packets of ivory linen textured blank greeting cards each of which had a single metallic gold embossed shape on the fronts. Each package of 8 cards was only $1.00. I’d been […]

Jewelry ID Tags: What’s the Best Design?

by Beth Blanc. (Cummings, Georgia US) Can you provide me some insight on the best way to design a jewelry ID tag; the kind that identifies one’s work? My company name is Beth Blanc Designs, so I’m in a bit of a quandary because my company name is rather lengthy and the tags are so […]

Pendant and Ring Display Cards

by Angie Simonsen. (Bellevue, NE) As I was getting ready for an upscale show / fundraiser, I decided I wanted to improve the appearance of my pendants and rings. Previously, I used a sheet of address labels (Avery 5160 – 30 per sheet) that already had my contact info on one half of the sticker. […]

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