Jewelry Business Cards

Tips for top-notch jewelry business cards that bring repeat sales.

Does My Business Card Really Need to Match My Web Site?

by Kate. (Montana, USA) Kind of embarrassing to admit this since I’ve actually got several years of graphic design experience under my belt, but… my existing business card is a premade cheapie from VistaPrint. And I’m torn on whether to redo it. Again. Honestly, I just loved this card layout as it was. It was […]

Patricia C. Vener – New Business Card Design

by Patricia C. Vener. (Hamden, CT) My new business card design came about because of two distinct impeti (impetuses just seems wrong). The first of these is that I redesigned my website. My cards were originally designed to reflect my old website design and so clearly they also needed to be redesigned. My new website […]

Gypsy Deluxe Business Card

by Carolina Gonzalez. (Canary Islands, Spain) Since I am opening a new boutique for my jewelry and accessories, the first thing I needed to do was spreading a few dozens of business cards with the new web address to mostly everyone I know :). This card was made (and a Spanish version for my local […]

Silver Dragon Creations by Patricia Vener Colorful, Informative

by Patricia C Vener. (Hamden CT) This is the second or third generation of business cards. I originally had both my jewelry and paintings on the same card, but that left little room for information. I now have two cards; one for fine art and illustration (2D) and this one for my beadwork and related […]

Polymer Clay Eclectic’s new business card

by Mechelle J. Fox. (Chesapeake, VA ) I would like a critique of my new business cards. I played around with a bunch of different layout ideas before I settled on this one. I wanted to be sure to include the MJF logo and a picture of one of my pendants. Because of the first […]

New Jewelry Business Card

by Ijeoma A. (San Diego) I tried to make it very simple and uncluttered. I used a scanned photo and uploaded it to Vistprint. Ijeoma Akosionu Ejay Designs Comments: Elegant and professional by: Rena I love your beautiful, uncluttered business card with your jewelry as the focus. It’s an excellent promotional piece for your business! […]

Jewelry Business Card: Bling It With Me, CAB

by Crystal Boyd. (Winona, Texas) I love them and I love Printmaster software. I made these cards from Avery business card stock and used the program Printmaster Gold to design them. I scanned 2 necklaces I designed, the peace choker and other beaded necklace. I put a lot of Swarovski crystals inside my printer top […]

Need Your Honest Opinion – Elegant Chic’s Bridal Boutique

by Steph. (Canada) I’m just looking to get a bit of feed back on these. I have a new design for my website so I needed to change the look of my business cards. I’m not to sure if I even like them yet so please be honest. Please let me know what you like […]

My Newbie Card!

by Tanya. (Cleveland, Ohio) Hello, everyone! I am so very new to selling my jewelry that my only customers so far are my friends. I am on the road to making this into a profitable business, but the process is very slow because I’m having a hard time deciding on marketing colors and designs. My […]

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