Jewelry Business Cards

Tips for top-notch jewelry business cards that bring repeat sales.

Pink Pearls by Tamara – My Name, My New Cards

by Tamara Summers. (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) This post is to share the journey of my name, to the point where I am now. For a while, my friend and marketer Liana carried the torch for naming me. My birth name was actually Tammy, not Tamara, and if someone asked me as a child if Tammy […]

Cheap Lamination!

by Char Jorgensen. (Woodinville, WA) Since I set up outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, it can get very damp which can cause my cards to curl. If they get wet, the color runs. That is not good for business so I ‘laminate’ my cards on both sides to keep them from curling. I didn’t buy […]

Calling Cards and Cool Handmade Envelopes

by Pat Barden. (Chatham, NY) I found these great handmade kraft paper side opening envelopes with stars on Etsy. I wish I could recall where, to give her credit. I like them because they match swell with my recycled material boxes from Nashville wraps. I put one or two of my calling cards in, the […]

Duct Tape Business Card Case

by Noreen Doll. Everyone needs a way to carry their business cards. This duct tape business card case tutorial is a fun way to do that. It’s quick and easy to put together. Duct tape comes in a huge array of colors for you to choose from, and there are great colors for women as […]

Use Business Cards to Give Your Jewelry Design Business a Power Surge

by Kristie Leong. Business Card for Kristie’s Beads Indeed Bead Shop Are you looking for a way to market your handmade jewelry without spending a fortune? Your business card is one of your very best tools for low cost advertising. It’s a mini billboard that lets the world know you’re a serious jewelry designer. Let’s […]

Vista Print Caution

by Kimberly. (Bakersfield, CA) I had ordered a bunch of business cards from Vista Print, after spending a couple of hours designing my cards front and back. I thought it was such a good deal to get all those cards for free and to only pay shipping, what a deal – right? WRONG! They were […]

Version 2 – Inspired 4 U Jewelry Business Cards

by Lee-Lee Williams. (Inspired 4 U) Note from Rena: Thanks to everyone’s helpful feedback on Version 1 – Inspired 4 U Jewelry Business Cards, Lee-Lee Williams did some updating and sent in Version 2 of her card (above) for our feedback. Please share your comments for Lee-Lee below! Thanks for helping a fellow jewelry artist. […]

Trial Inspired 4 U Jewelry Business Cards

by Lee-lee. (Petersburg, Va) I designed some new business cards and I wanted to get some feedback on them. So I thought what better place to get some advice than from Rena and friends! Please let me know what you think. Lee-Lee Williams Inspired 4 U Comments: Ideas for your card by: Rena Hi Lee-Lee, […]

Creative Art Center

by Sarah Berman. This is my third business card design. Now I included some pieces of my jewelry and used a “ton-sur-ton” colors. I made my own design using Photoshop, and printed it in my house (inkjet printer). Sarah Berman Creative Art Center Comments: Artistic business card by: Rena I love this card, Sarah! The […]

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