Earring Displays

Earring displays you can purchase or make yourself.

Shell Earring Display

by Melissa Harlow. (Melissa Harlow Design) I live about 10 minutes from the ocean and one day it occurred to me that I have an endless supply of shells around my house from many walks on the beach with my children and husband. I matched a pair of earrings with a shell I already had. […]

Fantasy Tree Earring Display

by Elena Mary Siff. (santa monica, CA.) Made from wood, ceramic, glass beads, shells . . . a whimsical assemblage which holds many earrings. Elena Mary Siff ElenaMary etsy shop Elena Mary Siff website http://elenamarysiff.blogspot.com/

Bamboo Serving Tray as an Earring Display!

by Willo O’Brien. (San Francisco, CA) I’m always on the lookout for a good, easily transportable and quality display for my jewelry. I have tables at both indoor and outdoor shows, and some get very busy, so I can’t have one that’s going to be easily knocked over by crowds or wind. One day I […]

My Best Earring Display Ever

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved. My best earring display ever probably isn’t what you’d expect. But despite its lowly appearance, here is the one that has made the most sales and profits for me, by far: That’s it??? Just a trunkful of earrings for people to rummage through? You bet! My best earring […]

Adjustable and Portable Earring Display

by Fo-Shizzle Design Studios. (Pacheco, CA – Fo-Shizzle.com) Having limited space in our B & M store to display earrings, we decided to find something that would not only fit in the allotted wall space, but could also be removed and transported to shows. Our earring cards are simply business cards with self-adhesive adapters on […]

An Earring Tree

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, CA) When I first started visiting this site I saw an interesting display that had been made as a display for pendants. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the individual who made the display but I owe her a big “Thank You” for getting me energized to try something […]


by Manuela Tufano. (East Stroudsburg, PA) I’ve been making and selling handmade beaded jewelry for almost 3 years. I find that the earrings are the toughest to show properly. I’ve used some ideas that I’ve found here, but I had not been completely sold on anything. Recently I was asked to donate something to a […]

Sounds Odd but it Looks Classy and Requires Little Set-Up

by Jeanna (Jewelry by Jeanna) When I first started sharing my work, it took me over an hour to set-up my earrings at each show. I had simple earring displays but they could not be set-up ahead of time. I was transporting some of my hand shaped displays in a black Target trash can that […]

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