Earring Displays

Earring displays you can purchase or make yourself.

Cabinet Door and Chicken Wire Earring Rack

by Kayla Mai. (Kansas) Kayla turned a cabinet door frame, fabric, and chicken wire into this stylish earring rack Supplies used in this project Detail of earrings hanging on the chicken wire Kayla turned a few scrounged items into this stylish earring rack. She started with an old cabinet door frame from the Habitat Re-Store […]

Earring Display Stands

by Kathleen Davis. (Fiddletown, CA) I like to put my earrings on a card, and I use a clear cellophane type of bag to display them. I needed something to display them on instead of laying them flat on a table. So I asked a neighbor to make me these shelves. I told him what […]

Updated Multi Purpose Rack

by Lynne Cirillo. (Venice, FL) I took all the great comments I received on my Multi Use Rack with Folded Earring Cards and fixed my display. I did use a template for the holes, (an old plastic earring card) and I cut the cards all the same size too. I added some bracelets and anklets, […]

Earring Display with Polymer Clay and Wire

by Carola. (Upstate NY) I had my first show and didn’t like the way I displayed my earrings with these flimsy little cards, and the self made rack that kept on falling over. This is what I came up with instead, and I am very happy with the way it turned out. For the base […]

Cork Board Super Simple in a Hurry Display

by Princess. (Alabama) I only recently began making earrings. I had an opportunity to display some of what I made at a outdoor farmers market! Yes a farmers market! It was pretty hot and the weather was unpredictable so I needed something fast, cheap and I would not mind if it got wet. I used […]

Multi Use Rack with Folded Earring Cards

by Lynne Cirillo Creations. (Venice, Florida USA) Made my own cards, using card stock, used a safety pin to poke holes after folding cards in half. Lynne Cirillo My Booty Bags Comments: Chic and colorful by: Rena I love the attention-grabbing punch of color provided by your folded earring cards! Especially against the black display […]

Earring Hanger

by Hudda Alhood. (Sydney NSW) The earring hanger is made of a fabric that looks and feels like suede,it is on a rotating hanger that can be stored and hung just about anywhere in your home. It comes in a range of 5 colors. The hanger can store 16 pairs or more earrings if you […]

Use What You Have – Earring Display

by Maryanne Murphy. (Atlanta, Ga) I don’t do many events so for the few I do, I do not want to invest a lot of time and money. BUT, I still want a display to attractively feature my work. More time, creativity, and money needs to be spent on your display if your business is […]

Trash Can Earring Display

by Tamora Bartlett. (Paris, Kentucky) I purchased a black mesh trash can, turned it upside down, and placed it on a lazy susan you use for a kitchen table or cabinet. Voila, all the earrings fit into the mesh spaced evenly around the can as you like, and it turns too!! Tamora Bartlett Comments: Perfect […]

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