Earring Displays

Earring displays you can purchase or make yourself.

Farmer’s Market Jewelry Display

by Jennifer Prim. (Los Angeles, California USA) These are pics from a farmer’s market I participate in. My colors are lavender & green, so I made custom multiple necklace displays in lavender, and use single white displays for pieces I want to feature. My earrings are displayed on a blank business card which I hole […]

Handcrafted Rotating Earring Display

by Maria Jenny. (United States) When I first started to show my jewelry, I began with a trunk show at my home. I displayed my earrings on a picture frame and used some artistic holders from Michaels. This past fall I participated in two craft shows. At the first, I used my picture frames and […]

Rotating Display from a Tealight Holder

by Andrea. (Denver, CO) I live in a suburb of the Mile High City, beautiful Denver, Colorado with my five (yes, five) parrots. While I’ve made parrot toys for 11 years, I never thought of making jewelry until it dawned on me one day that a ‘jump ring’ shouldn’t be much different to open than […]

Instant Earring Display

by Julz. (Ghana ) Just last week I attended a fair organized at a university not too far from my place. I did a bit of traveling before that so I didn’t have enough time to fully prepare. I bought a stand for my newly made earring but when I was setting up I realized […]

Bakers Rack Earring Display

by Natasha Burger. (Faust, Alberta, Canada) I have a permanent display at a local gift shop that takes handcrafted items on consignment. I have a bakers rack with necklace busts that works very well for necklaces, but not so well for smaller items. I have just started playing with earring designs – totally addictive btw […]

Wire Wrapped Earring Display

by Glenda Munguia. (Texas, USA) Once again, the fireplace items came to my rescue to create an earring display. I used the fireplace tools holder as the base for my display. It worked out great because it has enough weight on its own ideal for outdoor shows. I used dark annealed steel wire to make […]

CD Rack Reincarnated

by Jackie Reid. (Chapel Hill, NC) I am forever looking in thrift stores for more unique ways to display jewelry. I found this tall 3 sided CD rack made of wrought iron on a wooden base for $4. I painted it with cream colored spray paint to neutralize it. It’s perfect for hanging earrings that […]

CD Rack Earring Display

by Kerri Meier. (Alberta) You can use very inexpensive metal CD racks for hanging your earring cards. If you attached plastic curved backings onto your earring cards or use plastic black cards for your earrings,then you can utilize this very cheap display. There are many different CD racks available. You can get them tall, short, […]

Cardboard Box Earring Display

by Vera. (Prague, Czech Republic) Turn an old cardboard box, BBQ skewers, and other “junk” into this lovely portable earring display case! Materials Used: old cardboard box BBQ wooden skewers wooden beads mirror from an old cosmetic case. This display is simply perfect 🙂 I made it from a simple cardboard box and few skewers. […]

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